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New look to the review page


I noticed on the mobile app (Android) a new look to the review page.


You can click on an individual review to see what they complimented.


I can’t figure out which reviews the “things to improve” came from. I got a three-star cleanliness review recently, but the individual review doesn’t list any specific cleanliness feedback.


I can’t find this on my app. Where is is at?


I can’t see this either, but have just reviewed some great people, and noticed under the thumbs up/down an option to “report unsafe behaviour”. Has anyone else seen this?


Yes, and I too just noticed it with my most recent review.


Like a definition on what unsafe behaviour is…with some of my recent guests…could it include that they are breathing and upright?


Click on “progress” then the line with your rating and number of reviews.


Thanks! It’s there. I rarely use the app. It’s amazing the difference between the website and the app version.


It is! I didn’t even know you could click that line until recently and I usually use the app. I haven’t had a chance to check the website yet to see if these changes are there too.

I do wonder about this new “Feedback” section is coming from since nobody wrote bedroom mold on private feedback visible to me.


I don’t think it’s on the website. Thanks to you I just read a review I hadn’t read before. Great review but it posted while I was on vacation and didn’t really see it. Then it’s moved down the page. So thanks for that!


@Joan, I noticed it for the first time yesterday!


I just found this on the iPhone app as well! Cool! I was thinking it was just for Android :+1:t2:

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