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New listings bumped up in search results

As you know or may have found out, Airbnb’s search algorithm gives new hosts a bump up in search results and shows their first listing higher than normally just because the listing is new. It’s a great way to help new hosts gain initial exposure and give them an opportunity to get a few easy first bookings in. It builds engagement and loyalty as Airbnb knows if a user does not like their app or site as soon as they sign up, chances are they will abandon it and not use it in the future. So giving new listings a bump motivates new hosts and gives them a chance to gain traction and momentum as they begin using the site competing against established and well-reviewed hosts. But how long does this advantage last for? And is it just for the very first listing a host books or for each new listing created, even for existing hosts? Also does the “new listing search results boost” correspond to the little “new” label to the left of the listing name in search results? So for example, if my listing is labeled as “new” in the search results, I can assume it is being pushed up in search results? Or could I have a new listing that is marked as “new” but not given a “search results boost”? And from a guest perspective, are they more or less likely to book a listing if it’s marked as “new”? What’s the benefit of Airbnb labeling listings as “new” for guests and hosts?

Such good questions, but I’m not sure how we can ever find answers. I created a new listing last week, and while I don’t have any way to verify it, I’m pretty sure that I was the recipient of a new listing bump. It’s been a week now, and as of today have had no new inquiries on this listing. The problem is that I can only guess that this is an intentional bump, as perhaps the new listing is getting views only as a result of having availability. The weeks worth of bookings that I did receive for this new listing were for quick arrivals, so nobody has yet booked for dates far in advance.

My listing is still marked “new” and I now will try and remember to track how long the “new” tag lasts…

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