New listing - local person booked, who can't find a home

So, I’ve been renovating several apartments and finally listed 3 of them with airbnb today.

As they suggested, I did instabook , and the first booking I got was by a local man, that is in search for an apartment and doesn’t have a place to stay. He’s coming with several support animals (nobody has 2 support animals. Legit ones are very expensive to train, subsequently, it’s clear that any documentation would have been bought online. But, according to several forums, through airbnb I’m not even allowed to ask for documentation or I’ll potentially have my listing suspended for discrimination.

I’m a landlord and I know I’m allowed to ask for a notarized letter from a doctor, explaining that the dog is trained for several tasks and that the owner has the need for this dog. But supposedly I’m not allowed to ask through airbnb.

Looking this guy up, he has a number of evictions on his record, in Atlanta, where he lives, even though his profile puts him in Missouri.

I absolutely do not feel comfortable turning my house over to someone that has a difficult time finding an apartment and is not honest about his dogs (I actually do allow dogs in the home, but he’s not straight with me from the beginning) and who has a bunch of evictions.

I had gone with the smart pricing , which is $ 35/night for a full 1/br apartment. Much cheaper than any apartment he could find here.

I called airbnb immediately and asked if I can cancel without punishment. They escalated, but I haven’t heard anything back. I tried to cancel from my side and it won’t let me. He’s supposed to come Friday and I’m worried about them forcing me to take him.

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Simply tell them that you are “uncomfortable” with this guest.

And then learn about the difference between a service animal and a comfort animals.

What a nightmare. Don’t use instabook until you have been hosting a while.
They should not put you off. Keep calling. Ask on twitter.

Don’t mention any of the possible discrimination things like the dogs. Just say you saw he had evictions on his record and you fear a squatter. With IB you are supposed to get free cancellations. Keep calling!!!


The guest threatened to have be penalized badly by airbnb, if I insisted on the cancellation.

I called airbnb again and was transferred to the trip team. They put me on hold for a while and then agreed to allow me one cancellation without penalty of $ 100 or loss of superhost status for 1 year.



Yeah, take it off IB for now. I would never put myself on IB.


Do yourself a favor - take “Smart Pricing” off too!! Those rates are completely geared to take advantage of you, the new host See what the other hosts in your area are charging for similar accommodations and charge accordingly.


Yikes. “Not comfortable”? That has to be some kind of major understatement. Are you British? :slight_smile:

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American. Service animals are not a thing in Britain.

That was an attempt at humour. Stereotypical British understatement. Stiff upper lip and all that.

Yep. That didn’t go over my head :wink: … understatement rather than stiff upper lip imho.

Sounds like you dodged a bullet. This guy had professional squatter written all over him. “Several” support animals?? Yikes. Did he have reviews?


No reviews.

I thought I had clicked that the person has to have positive reviews from other hosts, but it somehow didn’t activate.

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German, but living in America :wink:

Actually, that’s the phrase that Airbnb needed to hear to allow me that one
cancellation without penalty

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TuMo, I agree that smart pricing is way too low, but not having any reviews, I figured it’s a good way to get going and get those reviews and then increase my price to what I think it’s worth.

Maybe you should go back and check you did so? :slight_smile:

Or, too low of a price is attracting deadbeats…


In my listing I allow one dog. You can then give permission for a guest who has more, but they can’t instant book. I like instant book, but find the smart pricing doesn’t fit with my listing as they don’t take into account whole house 3 bdrms vs a room in a house.

Weird apparently in Italy with IB you are allowed to cancel without penalty. Up to 3 cancellation :fearful:

Don’t use Instabook, just for this reason. You don’t need it. I’ve been running at over 90% of capacity for 20 months without it.

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Once you’ve cancelled the booking raise your price so you don’t attract people like him. Never, never use Airbnb’s smart pricing. Never!