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I just started to list my room on Airbnb 1 month ago and I had 8 different guests so far with an occupancy rate >90% in Boston. However, a couple wrote a good review but they gave me 3 stars for the cleanliness and 4 for the value. First of all, when they arrived, they keep asking me questions such as “there is no external lockers for our rooms? Where are we going to hide our passports during the day?”, I tried to find a solution even if it is mentioned on the listing that I only have internal lockers for the rooms. Then, I showed them the fridge and told them where then can put their food (there is 3 others people in the house so everyone has his own space). After 2 days, I saw they took almost half of the space of the fridge; I did not say anything but this is disrespectful. So the reason for the 3 stars is only because the kitchen was not clean 24/7. I live with 3 others person and is seems easy to understand that I can’t clean the kitchen twice a day.

I have a 4.8 average as a host but only 4.25 star for that listing because of that. Should I create a new listing with the same room because of that? thank you!

NO you should NOT create a new listing!!! Getting an occasional bad (or not so good) review is just part of what happens when you are an Airbnb Host.

Lockers for rooms? Do you mean safes?

It sounds as if your guests were as inexperienced as Guests as you are being a Host. This is where you need to step up as a host and explain to new guests how Airbnb works and what the 5 Star system means. You should have called them out on taking up too much fridge space. Shared space needs to be shared, not dominated.

Welcome to the forum, Marc. Imagine if every host starts a new listing when they get a not so good rating … ah, what a mess that would create.
Instead of thinking about new listings, you should channel your energy into improving your space. I have offered rooms since 2012 and never had locks on the bedroom doors.
That said, your guest mentioned a valid concern; one that you will easily understand when you travel yourself, which is where to put your valuables and passport while out exploring. Your place has a lot of traffic with 4 guests, kind of a hostal. Invest some of the $$$ bucks that you are making into purchasing safes for the room.

Regarding the kitchen … you need to find a way so that guests tidy up after themselves and if they don’t, then you will have to tidy up after them. And, that means wiping down the counter tops much more frequently as if you would do for just yourself. I got into the habit of toweling off the sinks in the bathroom …


If you have multiple unconnected people sharing your home then I think you need to provide locks for your Airbnb guests doors @Marc-Antoine_Mousset

If the guests were taking more room in the fridge then they were allocated then you need to politely remind guests of the space they are allocated and ask them to keep any items they want to store there on their shelf so everyone has space in the fridge.

If you are doing Airbnb and have four of you living there, then everyone needs to take collective responsibility for cleaning up after themselves after using the kitchen. Personally I also sweep the floors, clean down all the surfaces and the kitchen table every day as well as a more detailed clean every week and between each guests.

If you try and create another listing for the same room you can be banned from Airbnb as it is against their T&Cs or else anyone with negative reviews would do this.

I don’t know what state the kitchen was in to deserve three stars (if it was deserved) or why they marked you down for value, but learn from this and make sure the three people who share your home are on the same page regarding the space being used for Airbnb.

It sounds as though there’s no real point in starting a new listing until you’ve addressed the issues that exist in your rental space. With the problems as described, it’s unlikely that you’ll get better reviews all the time.

When you say ‘there are three other people in the house’ I’m assuming that they are not also Airbnb guests? Why are they not keeping the kitchen clean? This needs to be addressed at once if you are hoping to continue STR. If they won’t or can’t, then you’ll have to do it or employ someone else to do so. A poorly maintained kitchen is going to get you bad reviews, like it or not.

Why not? You are being paid to provide a clean and comfortable environment. It’s your job to make sure it’s maintained.

I’d also wonder where my valuables could be safe in a house with no locks on the doors, especially with random unknown people living there. This needs to be sorted out soon or you’ll find yourself the subject of some scam. (‘Someone stole all my money from my room!’)

The fridge thing is easy. Provide four attractive boxes that fit the shelves. Assign one box to each room.

If you are going to continue with STR then you’ll need to learn that yes, you must say something when guests are doing anything against your house rules. Taking up more space that they should in the fridge is nothing. What will you do with guests who are genuinely disruptive?


I detest shared fridges. Instead I put a mini fridge in each room, using the big one for large items, Brita water, etc. Shop carefully and you can get used ones.

Locks are essential. Now looking to go all keypad.


The small safes that are often in hotel rooms are useless. Anyone wanting to rob one can open them with a hammer and a large screwdriver.

What you want are locks on the rooms. Women feel more comfortable with room doors that lock, as does anyone with valuables such as a passport. I have found reprogrammable combination locks to be the best solution. I have one on the front door and on on each room door. The lock stores up to 19 combinations, and I usually use the last 4 digits of the guest’s phone number, with the same combo for the guest’s room as I use for them on the front door. I delete their combo when they check out. I have these locks:

I have one guest room in my home that I rent (private room, private bath) and I just put that exact lock on the front door and am really happy with it. I’ve programmed it for me, my co-host, and two family members. I use the last 4 digits of the guest’s phone number and it’s easy to program. I’m going to put one on all the doors in the house as well. I think it makes everyone feel more secure.

Welcome @Marc-Antoine_Mousset

Live & learn. Even experienced hosts run into bumps in the road. This forum is a great resource for learning from other’s experiences.