New job! So, what action should I make...? BUT stiil host current bookings?l

This has actually been going well consistently, have hosted over 30 trips (first one stayed a long time, then we made changes.) and I’m almost a Super-Host (4.8 overall rating, only 83% of 30 reviews are 5-star, 97% commitment, …not because of 1 cancellation in January).

Meanwhile, I continued my job search, and will begin training sessions tomorrow for my new job. I DO want to host the people who are currently booked with us, but not get additional bookings, for the time being, as I adjust to my new job.

I don’t want to lose our current stats though. What is appropriate action for me to take?

Unlist, snooze, blocking, fictional price, remove instant book, or something else?

I believe that snoozing is the most reliable method of retaining your status. And Congratulations on the new job!


I haven’t studied the implications of the snooze feature. I’d set up a big unattainable price like $500, at least until you see how the new job works out. In 2-3 months, it’ll can be further changed based on how things are going.

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Would I keep my stats? What about the 1 cancellation the week my started, LOL? … when the 365 days rolls in come January, how would a snooze for maybe 2 or 3 months, be affected?

Or the unattainable price?

and what action doesn’t hurt current bookings?

I do not believe that snoozing affects current bookings. Your cancelation remains on your “report card.” The problem with the unattainable price is that you might still be responding to inquiries and you will have a live listing with no new bookings which would lower your listing rank.

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Also, if someone is looking at your listing and sees such a high price they may be turned off for the future. I’d snooze it.

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I have my listing currently snoozed. The great thing about that is you get no new contacts. If you are really busy you don’t want to answer questions or miss a message.


I’ve snoozed one of my listings. Current reservations stay however the unit doesn’t appear on current searches for new bookings. I’ve set my snooze to end 1/1/18. Before 1/1, I will decide if I want/need to continue listing that unit for rentals or if I want to keep my listing out of seaches a bit longer.

Can someone tell me where I find the snooze button? I want to snooze all winter!

Congrats for the new job!

I give you another option: maybe instead of taking a break from airbnb you could hire a cleaner for helping you welcoming the guests.
If i where you I would give a try and see how it goes