New info re Omicron on surfaces


Thank you for posting. About the content: no real words to express how I feel—dammit!!!


I does say it needs to be corroborated and receive peer review, but this may explain why this variant is spreading so extensively.

I had sort of slacked off on sterilizing the outsides of the containers of my shopping purchases, but I’m going back to doing it on the plastic containers.

I am guessing this is probably true. Another family we know, who are very covid cautious the 12 year old son tested positive this morning, after my families experience I am guessing the whole family will have it as well.

Well maybe… When I tested positive it was the same day as my nephew did (different household) and he and his girlfriend isolated together figuring she had to have it as well as close as they had been the days prior. They lived, ate slept and snuggled together and she never caught it. Tested multiple times negative, not even a sniffle, nothing. Same vaccine history, they were boosted the same day several weeks before.



I know several families where some members got it and some did not with similar vaccine history and cautionary practices. Some might have had no symptoms and false negatives but that wouldn’t be common. I think a lot has to do with our individual immune systems.

Lots of people aren’t getting it and many who do are having mild cases. I know lots of people who haven’t had it despite exposure. Perversely that’s one of the factors in the persistent belief that we can just “be over it.”