New idea for getting bnb supplies?

Hey everyone I’m new to this forum and really excited to get to know all you guys. We have been superhosts in Austin Texas for the last two years and love Airbnb! We seam to always be running around getting supplies for our Airbnb since no one place has everything that we want for our Airbnb. So we are thinking about making a one-stop-shop online that has everything a host needs. I know there are bnb supply places but I find using the websites is not super easy or good price. What do you guys think? Would you guys use an online store to get everything like linens/kitchen stuff/cleaning products/gift basket stuff? We are thinking if the site was really simple and easy/affordable it would be perfect. Very interested in what everyone here thinks.

I wouldn’t. You could possibly market your idea to new and inexperienced hosts, I guess.

You say that you…

But most hosts (at this forum anyway) know what they’re doing. If you’re having a problem running around getting supplies, have a good read through the posts here. You can learn a lot about efficient hosting.


Amazon literally has everything anyone could need for a airbnb in the US mainland. If you can make a better website with better prices than Amazon…go for it. And let me know when you go public because I want to invest. LOL.


Thank for replying jaquo. So we probably could get a little more efficient but it’s still kind of inconvenient and overpriced. Also dont you think alot of hosts don’t need large quantities of supplies. It’s hard to find a place you can get just one or two replacement towels/sheets. If you don’t mind me asking, about how much do you normally spend on supplies for your place? We spend like $500+ every year on just cleaning supplies, basket stuff, towels, sheets…

Austin has IKEA, Costco, Trader Joe’s and Amazon delivery. If you are having a hard time it does seem like you are doing something wrong. I live in El Paso so don’t have TJ’s or IKEA. But I still manage fine with Amazon.


Hey k9karmacasa. So we use amazon too for some things. But it’s kind of inconvenient sifting through all the garbage products and fake reviews etc. Like if you could trust a company to only have quality products (unlike Amazon) but not too expensive it would be nice. I would also like a place where I can easily re-oder when I’m low on on something.

See but that’s like 5 places you mentioned to get everything instead of one stop online. It’s a bit of a hassle when you have a guest every week.

I haven’t had that problem. They have some products with 1000s of reviews. Why would someone trust your taste in products over the reviews on Amazon.

A guest every week? Try a guest every day or two. I have mostly one night guests and have had over 400 guests. I don’t air a whole house though, just a room with ensuite bathroom and private entrance. I don’t run around trying to get things or make a special trip or search dozens of websites. But that’s just me. Maybe some other hosts will chime in who need a service like this.


Well so they would trust our judgement because we are superhosts and have like 4.9 rating with 100 reviews on Airbnb haha.

We do rent a full house and it takes a lot of supplies but I see your point. We are just thinking it would be nice to get all the best value stuff in one place and make it easier for all hosts to get what they need and reorder etc. When you were getting started did you ever go to Google and type in something like “bnb supplies”? I did and wasn’t impressed with the results haha. Anyway I’m glad to be getting some second opinions.

No because Costco and Amazon have everything I need. I also have like 5.0 rating with 332 reviews today.


Ok so respect for the 5.0 on 332 reviews…dang that’s nice. Sounds like this type of store wouldn’t be for you but thanks for the constructive criticism. I imagine many hosts are not as sure of what to get to make their place nice and where to get it. I was also thinking the site could be a good place to share product ideas between hosts. Like if a host wants is to carry something they could tell us and we could feature it so others could see. `_:)_/

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I think this has been done before by someone on here or, they were asking the same questions as you. I can’t recall. Use the search function to have a look, search for perhaps gift basket or something

Thanks kristy_jane…haha I found that old Post and it seamed like a bit of a tense debate between hosts :). I think an super convenient and easy to re-order one-stop shop with good prices and new ideas for hosts would be awesome personally…but hey I’m biased because I want to make a business ha!

I mainly use Costco, I occasionally hit IKEA, Trader Joe’s, local supermarket.

I have 3 individual rooms so a lot more reviews than some and have not a clue why Superhost status is relevant.

Because I am out of town my issue would be fresh supplies, I can pick up enough toilet paper etc to last me months, but fresh pastries, milk etc can be a pain.

Yeah I use HEB/target/Costco and get bulk as much as possible but usually only go about 3 months worth of gift basket and food/beverage items. One of the annoying things for me is when I get several sheets/towels ruined and have unplanned running around to stores. I also feel like I make little runs to the store for extra things at least every other month.

No I probably wouldn’t because I doubt there would be a site that would have everything I like/need as there are so many varied tastes. I hit up Costco and Amazon for a lot of things. Some things need to be fresh so I hit up my local grocery store. Then there are a few things I search and search for because they will be unique to my decor, so I don’t think I’d find them on a generic website. That being said, there is at least one website that I know of already doing this sort of thing.

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Arlene_larson what I’m thinking is an online store that has all of the same things people get at Costco and Target for their bnb but condensed down so it’s easier to get all of the Airbnb supply shopping done in one place. So their may or may not be things that fit your decor but most of the items that need ongoing replacement (bedding/cleaning supplies/food&beverage) could be gotten easily. It would be cool to be able to get low qauntities of things like bedding and towels without paying alot.

I think your issue here would be marketing. You would have to have a substantial marketing budget to drive enough hosts to your site to make it a profitable endeavour. And you would have to clearly differentiate why what you are offering is different/better.

You are unlikely to be able to be competitive price wise, so you would need to think about why else people would buy from you.

As others have mentioned, there are already companies out there who have set themselves up as a supplier for hosts. Have you looked at them and how they are doing?

Although you may have an issue sourcing your products, most experienced hosts don’t so it might be your are trying to solve a problem which doesn’t exist, or at least not enough to make it a profitable business.


I have to say that I find this statement somewhat offensive and patronising. Sorry, but that’s how it made me feel.

In addition, you’ve had a lot of feedback from some very experienced hosts. From what I’ve read, you are not listening, perhaps because it’s not what you want to hear.

On a positive note, at least you haven’t had the Grammar Police after you; they know who they are!

(and I love it)


You nailed it exactly right! Pretty tough to launch a new business that can compete with Amazon, Costco, etc. who buy massive quantities and operate on slim margins. I previously posted this about a supplier we use;