New house rule? New house rule!

Alia, I know you want to be easygoing but I think it will really help you if you make up some clear guidelines. They can be written in a friendly manner… I know you are a writer too so you can do it! :blush:

It will go a long way to eliminate some of the hassles you are getting!
Guests are like schoolchildren. They appreciate some boundaries. It helps us all navigate new experiences.

But if you don’t say something specifically, they will do what they want and run amok.

Not sure about the pot of coffee fib… I have greeted guests in my jams many times. I’m not dressing up for check in!

If you want to read my guidelines, I can send it to you, PM me!

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Maybe the two guys just realized they were not gay after all. :upside_down_face:

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I have just this weekend cancelled a booking for this exact reason. First of all they said they would arrive at 9.30pm. My bookin times are 2 - 8 pm. I allowed it.
At 8pm they said it would be 10.20pm. Now I was getting irritated.
At 10.50pm I rang them to ask sheer they were. “We have stopped off on the way for some food, we will be another 30 Minutes.
By now I was more than irritated, I was becoming
concerned and a bit worried about letting 4 strangers in at nearly midnight.
So I cancelled them.
I probably acted a bit too harsh but I was worried for my safety and they were clearly not concerned at all of the late hour. So were they going to be good guests and respect my new home? Maybe not.
They were refunded in full. I missed out on around $600 for the weekend by my decision, but sometimes you just have a feeling.
I’d like some feedback from anybody out there.


I’m one of those rare people whose “feelings” about guests are worthless. So it’s impossible to know if they would have been ok but it doesn’t seem like it. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I am astounded that you decided to cancel people because they were doing normal things like traveling and eating.

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Would you cancel if guest was 30 minutes late at 5:30 pm?

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She cancelled because they are claiming they will arrive at 11:20 after saying they would arrive at 9:30, then 10:20 then 11:20. Having checkin by 8 pm and then allowing an hour an half late is on morris. The rest is on guests who have no respect for the host.


So you think let them in at midnight when I was feeling unsafe about it all?
They hadn’t made very good travel plans in my eyes.
Try checking into a motel at that hour, not going to happen around here.


Of course not!!
When they blatantly lie about their travel plans is the major problem here, not to mention the late hour and my safety!!

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Exactly, no respect for the host.
When guests book they know it’s a home not a motel, bytheway, they had no reviews,won’t be doing that again!!


I’m not criticizing Morrispark re cancelling the people who kept moving the time of arrival. It is a genuine question. I’m seeking other hosts’ opinion re this specific situation.
Related to this, what would you think if a host set check in time 5:15 pm to 5:30 pm?

30 minutes late in the early evening hours is different than 30 minutes late after 10 pm.

How is that related? 5:15 to 5:30 would be ludicrous. It seems like you’re comparing a 4 hour check in window with a 15 minute window.

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30 minutes in my city is an easy number to reach, between train delays and a little getting lost.

If they are communicating well already, then it wouldn’t bother me at all. If I’ve got something I can’t miss (picking up kid from school) then I can and have left a note on the door where a spare key is. Folks just want to relax and pee and if i can get there quickly no problem.

I think if I saw a 15 minute check in window, I would assume there was a typo or assume the host didn’t actually want guests and was just playing. (Like the host in my neighborhood who has a listing for a “very comfy couch”… for $300/ night)


That is what I thought when my “host” sent it to me after midnight on Thursday, I was to check in on Friday. I’m staying at the Hilton courtesy of Airnb.
Will share full details in a new post.


I certainly understand that you were frustrated about your guests’ lack of consideration for your time. I hate waiting for hours for guests who keep changing their arrival time. I doubt that they were lying. I think they meandered instead of heading straight for your house. I don’t understand how you would be less safe with them arriving at midnight than with them arriving at any other time.


Ah, I see. If a host, say Morris, has a 4 hour window stated in their listing then the guest should honor that. If a host, say Karma, has a 3 pm to 2 am check in time and then they tell you the night before you have 15 minutes…well that is horrible. The sad part about staying in the Hilton is you don’t get to slam them in a review.

Your cancelled “guest” will probably post their story on Airbnb Hell and won’t book Airbnb again, especially if it is as you say that one can’t just waltz into a motel in your parts at night.
Also curious if you are getting the “Host cancelled the stay” message on the reviews.

Actually I do, if the listing is still up. I had a notification today.need help I writing review.

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They probably will.
Like I said, no more bookings for no review guests, and often they have been a member for some time.
Could be a reason there are no reviews…
I wouldn’t ever slander someone in print.

I’m surprised no one in this thread uses a lockbox? I have one and it’s great for late arrivals. If guests end up stopping to eat, or say they’ll get in at 2 AM, or I can’t be home at their planned time, I leave the key and send the lockbox code in advance. That way they can just let themselves in and I can go about my own scheduled activities or go to bed without worrying about it.

That being said I’m a live in host and I can lock up all off limits areas like my own bedroom. This might vary by host greatly. Not everyone has lockable doors for non-guest spaces.