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New hosts: always check the bedding before washing!

I should know better, but I got lazy. I had a guest leave this morning who left the place nice and clean. They messaged that they took the trash out and stripped the bed when they left. So I went up, gathered up the linens and towels, cleaned the bathroom, started the wash, and left a gushing review.

SO, when I came up later to make the bed, when I moved the pillows to make the bed, there was a blood spot on my mattress cover. Thank God that protected my new mattress! And thank God I put oxyclean in each load of guest laundry…if I didn’t know about it I wouldn’t see the stain on the fitted sheet.

So please, always check your linens before putting them in the wash. And save reviewing until you’re done setting up for the next guest since you never know what you’ll find until the end. I wouldn’t have mentioned any of this in the public review, but I wouldn’t have rated them 5 starts for cleanliness and I would have mentioned in the private review to please notify me of any stains so that I can treat them properly.


I always wait a couple of days before reviewing just in case any issues, not evident at checkout, are revealed.


This is very good advice @Sarah_Warren


@Sarah_Warren, you are so right! However, some guests are sneaky. Two guests in the same week stained towels/sheets with make-up and blood; however, since both “helped” by doing the laundry, I only found the stains after the items were washed and dried, so the stains were set. I diligently soaked in Oxy and washed – didn’t work. Then I soaked in bleach – didn’t work. This happened even after (a) I left signs about not using white towels to remove make-up, (2) leaving a couple of washcloths with a print that would hide stains, and © leaving make-up removal wipes by the sink! I’m almost giving up on white sheets and towels, but having been a frequent traveler for many years, I know the importance of having things white; if guests don’t see white, I think they don’t have the perception of clean. How frustrating!

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