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New host with a bedding question

I am a new airbnb host and I am wondering if it is okay to use a comforter on a bed, I have read a lot on this forum and it seems most use duvet covers, is that because they are more easily washable? is a comforter a no-no. thanks!

Absolutely fine to use a comforter… we do. I think certain countries do things differently, we are in the USA.


I’m in the USA and use thin quilts/comforter because they wash & dry quickly and I’m in a warm area. Most comforters are too heavy. There are blankets available in the closet but they are not used often.

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I’d recommend you put that comforter inside a zippered duvet cover made from 2 of the appropriate sized flat sheets. That way you will rarely have to wash it and washing the cover is easy. If you can sew or know somebody who can, I’ll send you sewing directions.


It is not necessary to wash comforters after every guest.


I used to have duvets but switched to comforters. I think it’s whatever is easier for you. For me, it’s easier to wash and try the comforters then to tackle putting on the duvets. It was taking me too long.


USA here too. good to know. thanks for responding!

You will get a variety of answers. It is certainly culturally acceptable to use what we Americans call comforters. That’s what I started with. After debating and reading here I decided to switch to duvets with covers in the winter and several light layers in the summer. I host hundreds of one night, back to back nights a year. Washing every single thing on the bed every single time was just not tenable. So I’ve migrated to a sort of middle position. The duvet cover might not get washed each time but I have several so I can do a quick change if need be.

I agree with those here who are grossed out thinking about one guests body parts touching the comforter/bedspread/duvet cover/quilt and then that item not being washed before the next guest.

The bottom line is with the guests. I used a black light, lint roller and headlamp when cleaning my airbnb. Some people here mock that. But I have 100% 5 star cleanliness ratings for the last 300+ guests except one and I want to keep it that way.


Anything that has the chance of coming into contact with the person’s skin must be laundered before the next guest. Top sheets have the problem of coming away and leaving the comforter exposed to the guest’s feet etc… The easiest way is to use a duvet cover and wash it in between every guest. I am from the UK and have been shocked to hear that in the States one might end up booking a place with an unwashed comforter. Eeuw! as they say over the pond.


I’ve read several listings where the host explictly states that everything on the bed gets laundered between guests. In an increasingly competitive environment I would certainly advise that for a new host just starting out. You can’t possibly lose a booking or get a bad review from having too clean of a listing.

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If using a comforter means that it is not washed between guests, …then that is extremely gross.
Body fluids get on bedding.
All bedding ( in my opinion ) should be washed in between every booking.
If I see a photo with a comforter… I would pass and not book without further discussion.
I want clean clean clean.
That being said…do what you want to do it’s your house.


When I read some of the posts and comments on this forum dissing proven cleaning strategies it does kind of creep one out doesn’t it? No wonder so many people pack their own linens when traveling.

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I’m confused since you said you don’t change the duvet cover every time?

I don’t. It’s a judgment call most the time. I could write out a long list of examples of when it gets changed/washed and when it doesn’t but I won’t. In a perfect world it would get washed every day. In the world where I’m compulsively honest, I admit that it doesn’t. In the winter it’s washed about 80% of the time.


Does anyone use quilts? Like the smaller space in the washing machine but wonder if guests will not care for the lighter weight.

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As others here have pointed out, it’s a cultural thing. I believe in some countries they just use a bottom sheet and a duvet (or comforter) which means you have to wash/replace the comforter or duvet cover every time.

Here in Australia we tend to use both a bottom sheet and a top sheet, and a duvet (with cover). This means that (in most cases) you only need to wash the sheets each time. We only wash the duvet covers occasionally (unless if has clearly been slept on, or is otherwise dirty).

We did have problems initially as many foreign guests used to sleep between the top sheet and the duvet - probably as they would at home - instead of between the bottom sheet and the top sheet. We solved that problem by making the bed differently. Now we always ensure the top sheet folds visibly over the duvet. That way we can see if the guest has slept between the sheets, and if so then the duvet cover does not generally need to be washed.

If we had to wash the duvet cover as well as the sheets every time, we would not be able to cope.


I hate to rehash this for long time readers but for new readers I’d like to point out a few things I hadn’t thought of when I started and had this same mindset.

People may sleep on top of the duvet, or twist around in the duvet or some combo and then neatly make the bed again and you wouldn’t be able to tell. I just had a couple that looked like they slept on top of the top sheet, under the blanket and duvet. The duvet and blanket was all twisted around and left in a heap so it all got washed, including the fitted sheet which I don’t think was slept on.

People may take off their clothes to get dressed and sit their bare parts on the top of the duvet cover/quilt etc. Someone might come in from a run and just lay on top of the quilt under the AC vent/ceiling fan to cool off. People may come out of the shower with their towel wrapped around them and throw it on the bed while they get dressed.

Staph bacteria can spread on things like sheets and quilts. I actually had one guy get a mosquito bite and but mention staph in his message to me. My heart skipped a beat. But apparently he did realize it was the mosquito because he stayed with me on his return trip and I got two glowing 5 star reviews.

This is where my thinking changed. Would I want to sit my bare body parts on the same duvet cover where someone I don’t know sat their bare body parts the day before with no laundering in between? No.

So I changed my strategy, got rid of the comforter and went to easily laundered layers. Yet the reality was I could take a big hit in bookings by requiring two night stays, or raising my price considerably, or always having a night off between bookings and I chose selectively washing the duvet cover. Just a few nights a month (I’m booked 25 nights a month on average with 15-20 guests so lots of one nighter) off from duvet changing made a big difference.

My position is somewhere closer to “everything must be washed every time” than it is to “you don’t have to wash the comforter every time” but there’s really no good defense for not washing everything.

I would urge any new host to think long and hard about what kind of standard they want to try and meet: the highest standard or the get by standard.


You should wash your sofa every time if this is your base line. Everything that could touch bed linens could touch your sofa. A comforter is not designed to touch your body. If guests choose otherwise that is their choice. If a comforter smells fresh and has no stains I don’t wash it. Saves on the environment and is a pain in the butt to wash every guest. I usually wash every 2-3 guests. Depending on length of stay. I wash sheets and blankets for every guest.


I use thin quilts for easy of laundering. It isn’t cold here often. We are 3 weeks into winter and it is 58 degrees (F) (15C) today.

I supply blankets too for layering

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Do guests seem to like them?

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