New Host-Pricing question

I am relatively new to airbnb. I had instant book turned on, but after a bad experience turned it off so I can sort through guests myself. I do have smart pricing turned on.

Recently I had a guest who had booked for a weekend in March. She messaged me asking if she could switch her weekend from the weekend she booked to the following weekend. This is a busy season on my area increasing demand and instant book has increased my price for the weekend she wanted. She cancelled her initial booking and rescheduled for the following weekend, however it is more expensive. Am I expected to adjust her price to match the weekend she originally booked? Is there a way to nicely not adjust the price while not provoking a negative review?

She made an informed decision to cancel her initial booking and book another more expensive weekend. She was clearly made aware of the price difference by Airbnb.

To be clear, you are under no obligation to give her a discount over the normal rate for the second week-end.


Thank you for your input. She messaged me (after cancelling and booking the second weekend) asking if the price had gone up. I responded saying I set my pricing to adjust via smart pricing, adjusting with demand. I think I did the right thing but hope I don’t receive a poor review for value based on the price for the original weekend.

Quite frankly, that is her mess, she really didn’t figure things out. You probably would have preferred hosting her on the initial weekend anyway. She can still cancel and go somewhere else if she feels it’s too high a price.

By the way, do you have a flexible cancellation policy?

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My cancellation policy is set to moderate

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