New Host - New Profile Needed?

Hello! I’m a new host that will be listing my property soon. While we’re very excited to start this new adventure, I do have a lurking question regarding my current AirBNB profile. As a guest, I had a miserable experience at a property. Instead of giving a negative review of the host, I left a neutral, mostly positive one. The responding review from the host was nothing short of dragging me through the mud for asking questions throughout our stay (she was a brand new host and we were the 2nd guests at the property).

Long story short - when I list my property, will potential guests be able to see this negative review from when I was a guest, or are they segregated? Would it be best to start a new account? Thanks!

They can see everything linked to your account including host reviews. I’m glad the experience didn’t put you off hosting!

I wouldn’t worry about it. One bad-ish review will get hidden by lots of good reviews as a host soon enough!

Thanks - quite the opposite! There were a lot of simple things I was bringing up that would help our host have a more complete listing… she obviously took offense to it.

As others are saying, yes, it is possible for potential guests to read your own guest review. It’s a little hard to find because they have to click on your profile to do it (which is an extra layer from the listing itself).

If you’re doing an entire house rental, I personally wouldn’t bother making a new account. From a guest perspective, if I make a reservation to stay at someone’s home and they’re not around, their personality doesn’t affect me. And I know I’m a good guest who very rarely contact hosts during my stay, so I’m not worried about “not gelling” with a host.

On the other hand, if I’m a guest looking to book a room from someone then I would look into their behavior as guests. If I sniff trouble in river city, I’d not stay there–I don’t want to get blamed for breaking something I didn’t, worry about walking on egg shells, etc. I’d make a new account. Which sucks, because based on your explanation it sounds like the host was in the wrong and not you.