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New host needs advice. please help

hi, everyone. my first guest will be arriving the beginning of july. i am renting out the entire single family house. There are things i need help from you guys

  1. Since i am renting the entire house, do I need to do a check list thing with guests right after the check-in? ( a check list
    which shows what is working or not, like the ones you do before move in to a new apartment)

  2. If a guest damaged your property or items, what proof do you need to provide in order to get a refund? How can you proof that was damaged by your guest or not?

any input will be grateful.

Good questions for sure. If you can, I’d do a walk through with them for sure and point out things you feel are important. Other than that I’d take pictures I suppose. The key is that you’ve screened the people and trust them to take care of your place.

How long will they be there?

thx for the advice. i have a couple guests coming in july. most of them will stay 2-3 nights. one party of guests will stay for 8 days.

Oh you’ll be good. The short stay people are usually fine and they don’t have enough time to really do any major damage. The longer they stay the potential for problems rises, but I’m sure they’ll be fine. The key is to look at the tone of their communication and, most importantly, their reviews.

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