New Host looking for advice

I am new to airbnb, and have recently listed my Bolivian holiday home. I would appreciate any advice or improvements i could make to my listing.

Here is my listing:

Also i have security cameras on the property (not in the house). I have no problem turning them off during the guests stay if they wish but still feel its something i need to mention in the listing, just not sure where or how to mention it

thanks in advance!!

If it’s outside the house you can have security cameras

OK thanks, but since i am renting the entire property and for eg one of the cameras has a view of the swimming pool do you think i should mention it?

Yes but I let other hosts that have cameras to say what is the best to write

Yes, you should disclose that info - especially by the pool. Skinny dipping is one of the reasons my people like secluded spots. In disclosing this, be careful of your wording - let them know it is for safety reasons for them and for you. Perhaps angle it more to the idea that “accidents can happen at the pool”, and you are a careful hosts…something like that.

Thanks, thats good advice, its more angled at the entrance but does get some of the pool in the frame, do you think i should offer to disconnect them if they wish (or even show them how to disconnect themselves)?

It’s a security cam. You do not offer to turn it off and you do not tell them that they can turn it off. If there are no mishaps, you delete whatever files you have after their stay.

Hi jonocnz, your listing itself seems quite nice. I noticed you don’t have a cleaning fee, not sure if it is intensional, just a reminder if you forget to add. You may make your listing more attractive by improving some of your indoor photos, pick a sunny day or turn on the light to make your photos clearer an brighter.

Thanks Freya, i think i was unlucky that i got an overcast day when i borrowed the camera, will try take some better ones later.

I didn’t bother to add a cleaning fee as i have workers that take care of the land and they are more than happy to clean after the guest leaves for about $3

I’m not hosting yet but noticed I had to flip through 20+ pictures before I saw where I’d be sleeping. Your home is beautiful as are the grounds but I’d reorganize the photos and put in more of the home.

You mention peaceful but the thought I got was the outsides will be quite noisey with all the birds squawking and chickens clucking. Not to mention allergies if I was allergic to cats.

All that being said, I’d still book your place but probably ask lots of questions to make sure the unseen areas of the home fit my needs.

Good luck!

I think you have a fabulous property and would like to stay if I’m ever in Bolivia. However, the quality of photos is average. Prepare your listing better (in the US it’s called “staging”), and get a local photographer to take some professional photos.