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New Host in NYC


I am looking into becoming a host for a 1 bedroom luxury apt in midtown area. Do you have any advice for me as a newbie? I look forward to hearing from you.


before doing anything else, find out if it is legal - both from zoning and the owner of your apartment.


Ok thank you I willl read the lease agreement.

Oh wow! Ok. Thankyou.

Hi, Dawn:

I have no advice, as I am “pending” myself - you’ll see my question is about photographing my guest room. I just wanted to wish you the best. I come to NYC twice annually and am actually thinking of hosting our next sisters get-together there, so I’ll check you out!

All the best!

Awww thanks for the positive energy and really appreciate it!

@DawnNYC, alas, it’s likely that your lease indicates “no subletting”, also, it’s likely that the condo board will not allow you to do it. You need to do your homework first and determine if you can do it before planning to do it.

Dawn, I agree. More than likely, your landlord will not allow you to sublet. Unless you have the express written permission of your landlord to do so, you should not be operating an Airbnb. I wouldn’t try to “sneak” it, either, because that could result in you losing your own place to live as subletting is grounds for eviction in nearly every lease out there.

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