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New host in home check out inquiry

I am considering airing my upstairs second bedroom but I work full time. How do you handle a check out time when you have to leave home early in the am?

I don’t have a cleaning crew, just renting out a spare room. I usually tell people, since I’m going to be leaving early and I cant’ change it over for another guest till I get home from work, that they are welcome to check out late, by 3pm. I live in an area of very little crime, so I just ask them to leave the house key in the basket on the front porch.
Edited to add: quite a few of my guests like this perk, as it allows them to go to the beach, or go on a hike and come back and take a shower before heading home.

I would in that case yes, have late check-out time options and maybe have keypad access to your home so that you don’t even have to worry about keys.

If you are not home anyway and can’t do any cleaning or check in new guests, i dont see how you can not let them stay till… the time you get home. I may be sound not very popular here,but i am all for accomodating late check out, early check ins. I am a traveler, and i know how much it means to me if i can hang out longer r check in earlier.
WHile in Nicaragua, i had a very late flight home around midnight. The check out was at 12 pm. I did not even ask front desk, they offered themselves to hang out at their pool as long as i wish. They stored my luggage, called me a taxi, and i was very grateful.

I don’t handle check out, I’m usually asleep when they leave (1 out of 27 was still here when I woke up at my check out time of 11am)

I read that Airbnb liability insurance and Host Protection doesn’t cover you before or after your scheduled checkin/checkout times. This alone is reason to enforce it. If I’m not at home, I tell my guests that the cleaning crew will be there at their check out time (whether it’s true or not). There is also excellent information on this forum about surveillance cameras, electronic peepholes, and video doorbells that are linked to your cell phone. With these tools you can monitor your property remotely.


Oh, that’s a good point about ABBnot covering guests w late check outs! They should allow us to alter check out times!

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