New Host. How do we share a digital guest manual? Airbnb url blocking

Hi there. We are about to have our first guest and we want to send them the digital guest manual (we also leave a printed one at the home too). How do we send them the digital guest manual in the best way? We noticed, while chatting to guests through AirBNB chat, that AirBNB seems to block any external URL.

In our listing settings under “guest manual” we have put the following: “Please see our online manual: touchstay

How will the guests see that and how do we best get it to them. Ideally, I would want to use automated messaging to send it to them 6 days prior to check-in.

Thanks for helping

Once they have a confirmed reservation URLs aren’t blocked, unless they’ve changed something. They block them prior to booking to prevent people from using Airbnb to contact someone and then booking off Airbnb and to prevent spam.


Ow this is great! Thank you for the help.

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