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New host here :) What do you think of my listing?

Hi :slight_smile:
I’m a brand new host in Auckland NZ who has finally (after reading obsessively all over the internet) taken the plunge and created a listing. I’ve had 20+ views over the last few days, no booking enquiries yet though. I had blocked off a few days up till tomorrow as I had a busy weekend planned but didn’t want to leave it any longer!

Open to any and all suggestions :slight_smile:

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Looks so great! I would book this place!

I would add the bathroom in the initial description. That was my first question - is there running hot water.

Good luck!

Thanks for that feedback! Unfortunately I just messed up the initial description - the AirBnB app allows less characters in the description than the desktop version O.o

Hi Sonya - good luck with your listing! Do you have a target market in mind? I’m in Auckland too if you need any advice…

Oh, it’s lovely. I’d stay there in a heartbeat!

Nice that I’m not the only Kiwi on here :slight_smile:
I think my target market is either small groups of student tourists, or people with children.


I’m a kiwi too… @Sonya_Wilson

I read an article on stuff today that Auckland is suffering a hotel shortage!! so up you prices accordingly when there are events on!

Very cute and, it seems to me, reasonably priced. I noticed your “no alcohol” rule and I’m guessing this is due to your religious beliefs. I would think that would reduce your potential booking rate quite a bit because you offer a refrigerator and kitchen. When I travel I like to find a place with a refrigerator and I take my beer or wine to save money. Good luck.


I didn’t notice that. As a wine-drinker that would put me off :frowning:

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Yes, I was going to make the point about ‘no alcohol’ too @Sonya_Wilson…if you are worried about people becoming intoxicated and creating noise, damage etc, I think you’d be covered under your ‘no parties’ house rule. I’ve hosted in excess of 60 guests (mostly Europeans in their 20s and early 30s) since January this year and no-one has caused any drink-related problems. People are very modest and considerate on the whole and it would be a shame for someone to not book your caravan because they’d like a glass of wine with their dinner…have a think about it :wink:

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Agreed. We are an ‘older’ couple but have wine EVERY night with dinner. (Being from Europe, it just seems civilised to us!)

Not everyone who enjoys a cocktail is a drunken, destructive lout.

But if it’s a matter of religion or personal beliefs, then fine. However, truly I wouldn’t stay in a place that banned my evening glass of wine :slight_smile:


Uh oh!
No, I don’t have a religious objection to alcohol. I was just concerned about damage.

I forgot that I had that rule there - have removed it.

Thanks for pointing that out!

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