New host, first listing ... When to expect the boost?

I’m a new host with Airbnb as of yesterday. The listing has been live for just over 24 hours. Q: How soon does a new listing get a boost? And what does that really mean? It’s in the search results but waaaaaay down so far no one would scroll that far down.

Straight away. If you want us to have a look at see why it might be lower down you will need to provide a link to the listing.

What kind of search are you doing? You can’t just do a general search, you need to enter some filters just as most guests would.

Now that I think of it I don’t think I’ve seen the “new!” designation on listings as the top of search. I’ve been looking in OR this week and I don’t thinks I noticed any new listings. Maybe they don’t boost new hosts anymore?

There is a new AirBnB in my village (one of only three) and I noticed it comes 2nd to mine. Not that it would matter much but it did seem odd. I don;t think they are on IB so maybe they aren’t offering the boost to non IB people anymore. It would be a pity as everyone should best avoid IB till they get the hang of things.

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Are you on IB? They push that pretty hard now so wondering if they no longer give the boost to those not on IB.

I’m assuming that you’ve just listed because it’s the beginning of the summer where you are? If so the new host boost should give you bookings for the season. You will probably also get a few bookings for after the season too. The important thing here is to make sure that your prices aren’t low. I know that Airbnb constantly has a bee in its bonnet about low prices or ‘starting off low until you get reviews’ but that’s really nonsense.

You’ve really got to make the most of the new host boost - you only get one chance! :slight_smile:

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They boosted me. I searched on a different computer and browser–different user, a friend–and it was consistently at the top for two weeks. I was very surprised…Not sure if it still says “New”. Haven’t done a search for a week or so.

EDIT: I’m somewhere on earth, and there are lots of “new” properties, I just did a search. I am on IB and in second place after over 3 wks of posting listing. No clue how it works. I’ve had 9 bookings and 7 reviews, all 5 star. Unsure if the latter helps in rankings or not. I’m not on “new” anymore either.

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There probably simply aren’t any new hosts in the smaller Oregon communities I searched.

I am not on IB, but considering it. The average price for a similar listing is around $85 this time of year. I’ve lowered my price to $65 since I’m new. Airbnb suggests $52 and IB. Is that hurting my listing position? Still no boost for my new listing. It’s been almost 48 hours.

Would love to see your property listing, yecatsr.

Please don’t underprice yourself! The chances are that guests will get a better deal with you, even if you’re not cheaper. As a new host, you’ll be eager to please and not in the least jaded like people who have been hosting for a long time.

Be proud of your listing and what you have to offer. Look around your place carefully - can you add value without spending money? For example, a simple vase of leaves from your garden can brighten a room. Can you spend just a fiver at your local dollar/pound store to buy a couple of simple items your guests will appreciate. Spend half an hour researching your locality on the internet so you can let guests know what’s going on in the area during their stay. Put a couple of magazines in their room/apartment. Are there any items you can spare from your own home that will make the guests believe that you truly have their interests at heart? (Mosquito spray, hand lotion, sunscreen, notebook, etc). Make sure that there’s a personalised welcome note.

There are plenty of free or nearly-free things you can do to make your guests feel welcome and be reassured that they made the right choice when they decided to stay with you.


If you’d like to share your listing we’d be happy to critique and give suggestions.

Well @brighteyes00 ,my listing isn’t much. Have not done near the work I’ve wanted to. Just threw up some quick pics and and equally and a brief description. Didn’t really think I’d get much, just wanted to ease in, learn the ropes and take it slow…like a steam roller, apparently! Thought I’d slowly improve my ad and hosting skills. Ha. I’ve been busy! Anyway I’m exausted but will try to do this link via cell phone. See if it works.
EDIT: let’s try this one

I did IB right away, did smart pricing, but did not use their low end “tips”. I also did their recommended 20% off for first 3 bookings. (I hear here might be a mistake?) Those booked in about 48 hours tops. I’ve since had plenty of bookings. It’s all been good!

Started blocking calendar and upping pricing to slow down as I’m going on a trip. I’m not sure if anything I did was good or bad as far as rankings go. I did meet a lot of nice people. :confused:

That’s all I can think of. Please no judging on ad—I know it needs work! Feedback welcomed.

At least it’s been pretty smooth sailing…lots more sheets and towels purchased. :nerd_face:

EDIT: Back at top of search again??? Weird.

I don’t know. I think IB DEFINITELY boosts your listing. I’m not sure why I think this, but I think it’s at least attracting me more guests.

Anyone know if you get a boost for a new listing (already a host)? Or do you only get the boost on your listing if you’re a new host with a new listing?

Old host, new listing in March- got boost, but things seem to have changed!


We added a new listing last year and there as no additional boost. Because the new host boost is supposed to make hosts feel that Airbnb is a great thing to do, I suppose they think that by adding a second listing, we are already under that impression. :slight_smile:

What do you mean, Debthecat?

After the 22/2 they changed the search parameters and my views dropped dramatically.
If you aren’t viewed, you aren’t booked.
Airbnb plus has taken a lot of focus.
I feel they have taken the simplicity out and made it complicated for potential guests to search, particularly if your are new to Airbnb.
Being dinged for declines is particularly difficult, guests want a particular date and used free dates to ask…you can’t book it for a reason it’s BOOKED!
Becoming more guest centric as they have an excess of hosts and when the news gets a STR story - it’s always about an Airbnb!

Admittedly I use IB but if I get an inquiry I would pre approve anyway.

Now if somebody is asking for different dates no harm pre approving as they will not be booking.

I have yet to decline anything, there is usually another option.