New Host, feedback please!

Hello guys,

I’m a new host, just started to use Airbnb and so far I think it’s great!

I want to share my flat and looking forward to hearing some feedback

Let me know if it needs any improvement.


I would dress the apartment with some things that make it feel more homely - photos, pictures, ornaments - it feels rather cold and impersonal at the moment.

Have the table set so people can imagine themselves eating there.

In the kitchen have some nice coffee and tea out and perhaps a bowl of fruit.

Better lighting in the photos would be good.

Talk about key attractions in your own and how far from the airport.

Talk about who the accommodation is suitable for families? couples? etc

Good luck

DEPOSIT - Lower or remove it. Seems high compared to the price of your unit.

CANCELLATION POLICY - Change from Strick to Moderate.

IMAGES - Reduce the quantity. Many of the outside photos look very similar.

DECOR - Add some books and/or pictures (non-personal) to your bookshelf. The empty space makes it look like an empty dormitory.

Other than that I think your place looks great and would be a nice place to stay.

That’s just my personal opinion. Doesn’t make me right :wink:

Wow, guys! Thanks for your feedback, really appreciate it! :slight_smile: I’ll do some changes for sure!

I’d add that the bathroom needs a shower curtain. Otherwise it looks like you’d splash water all over the place taking a shower. And I agree with the others, the apartment seems empty and cold without books, pictures, rugs, towels, etc.

I see 1 bed but there are no pictures of 2rd bed, towels, shampoo, coffee pot, dishs, plates, water, silverware. Do you provide any of this? That is what your guests will be asking. Also I would HIGHLY recommend that YOU stay a couple of nights in the unit to see what your guest experience will be like and decide what changes you need to make.
Also I use a Yale keyless programable lock for the front door to make enter easy.

Looks pretty good. Please check your “check in” time period. Maybe I’ve got it wrong but it looks like 12 midnight not 12 noon.


I disagree about lowering the damage deposit if you are offering a pool table as an amenity. Pool tables are expensive to repair if the felt gets ripped and I promise you that some of the guests will manage to rip it.

Personally, I find all the close up photos disconcerting. I would find photos of the entire room easier on the eyes.

It’s a bit unusual to impose an extra guest fee after four guests when the total allowed is five. If I were you, I would impose the price per extra guest to any guests over two.


Regarding deposit, I don’t want to lower it, because an apartment is quite expensive itself, and furniture also, so want to have extra protection and guarantees.

@curtpete oh, that was a stupid mistake, thanks for noticing, I’ve updated that! :slight_smile:

@Vegasjerry good point, I’ve uploaded another photo. And yes, I used to live there for last 2 years, now moved to another flat and I thought that guests will not feel comfortable with lots of my personal stuff, like books and pictures, so I move out everything.

If you are not going to fill the bookshelves, then you could change the furniture or (if possible) remove the upper shelving. Even a simple TV stand and mounting the TV on the wall would be better than sparse shelves. You also could fill the shelves with games, books, etc. You have a pool table, and this would go with the game room/relaxing space vibe.

Also, I’m slightly confused about the office and the photo of the brown couch. Could the office be converted into another bedroom?

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Great looking apartment!

I would leave your cancellation policy on strict. (Note spelling too: Strict). A lot, if not most hosts use the strict cancellation policy so guests are used to seeing it. I don’t think that will hurt you - unless most hosts in Vilnius don’t use it.

Is your price in line with other similar listings in Vilnius?

Also, on your kitchen picture, it looks like there are a couple of bags or backpacks on the counter. I’d get rid of those and take some new pictures of that area. One of the kitchen shots looks like the camera was turned just a little too much sideways as does your bathroom mirror shot. I know bathroom shots are really hard to do since they’re usually not big enough where you can get the whole room in one photo. But see if you can do a little better on that. Or borrow somebody’s camera where you can use a wide-angle lens or get some software that can stitch two photos together so people can get a little better idea.

The room with the desk and chair looks really bare. Put something in there… like vase with flowers on the desk, or a plant in the corner, or a rug on the floor, or a picture on the wall, or something… it’s just so stark and empty.

But it definitely looks like a great place! In the end, I would stay there… even the way your listing is now! So just make a few improvements and you should do great.

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