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New Host - Do you change the linen, towels for a multi day booking!

I’m completely new to hosting, and there’s something I’m not clear about.
When you have people staying for more than a day, are we expected as hosts to provide fresh linen and towels, everyday, as would be in a hotel?

hi I supply lots of towels near the bathroom so guests help them selves …but I don’t change the sheets …or enter the room that is booked


Thanks Carol,
Is there any policy on this? Or am I free to decide if I will change sheets and after how many days?
Reason I ask is I wouldn’t want to get a bad review for not doing something I didn’t even know was expected of me as a host?
Is there any general practise among hosts regarding changing linen for a multi day booking?

Noway, Airbnb is not a hotel, it’s a homestay. I would change sheets only after 1 week how you do for yourself. Also, towels don’t need to be changed every day, its a waste. the only thing I wouldn’t do with towels is to put many of them in a closet.
I had plenty of guests especially from US who would take clean set out of the closet, each every day . They stayed 4 days and used 8 sets of towels. I couldn’t believe it. Now if they stay 3-4 days I only put 2 sets of towels. And guests never ask for more.


Changing sheets during a guest’s stay is definitely not mandatory or even necessary, but if I have guests staying for 5 days or more, I always tell them to let me know if they need fresh linens - you never know if someone feels sweaty after a few hot summer nights, or if they’re sick, etc., they might appreciate the offer. I’ve only had one guest request this (who was extremely demanding overall and I think enjoyed feeling waited on.)

Just let your guests know the option is there if they need it, or as other posters have suggested, leave a fresh set in the room just in case.

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I don’t think this is a necessary effort for hosts, nor is it expected. In this case, the bare minimum (first day cleaning & laundry) is all that’s required!

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the only thing i do differently from what the others have said, is offer a large supply of beach towels in the room for my guests. if you live near the beach i think this is a necessity.

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of course, new sheets and towel for every guest. i wouldnt want to sleep in the same sheets than the previous ones… its not hygenic at all.
i give one towel for every guest, that should be enough. sometimes they search for the cleans one, and use more. i dont like that. one towel is enough. if it dries, its completly hygenic, since bacteries, other microbes can survive only under wet condition.

OP ment to change them every day, not intitally

THAT would be a disaster 0-24h work :))
i even try to hide the clean towels, because some guests want to use another every day…


Zsuzsanna_S - I respectfully differ on your one-per-person rule. I would like a towel for my body and one for my hair. If I don’t wash my hair, then I would use only one towel. I agree that guests do waste towel, but better safe than a bad review…


We supply one large bath towel, one hand towel (which is good for hair) and one small facecloth per guest. There are a few more in the linen closet which are rarely used. We also supply two towels that guests can take to the beach.

For guests who are staying for more that eight days we offer a free linen/towel change - only one guest has taken it up so far.

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I do not allow longer than a 4 day stay, so I simply launder all bedding after a guest leaves, even if it’s just one night. Towels, I always leave 2 bath towels per person, 2 hand cloths, and 2 washcloths even if it’s a one night stay. However, I also have a few extras of each in their bathroom. I’ve noticed that my guests go sparingly on the towels. Like @carol I don’t go in the room people have booked. Matter of fact, I don’t go upstairs at all while they are here.

I change towels and linen for guests staying over a week and if they stay for a week I change only towels on request.Some people think you would change them every day like in hotel.

I do as I do for myself, I change towels every 3rd or 4th night and sheets once a week.

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