New Host- Can you help me please?

Hello! I am a new host and wanted to ask you on any tips to make sure that your guests are happy and enjoy their stay in your home.

Do you provide any food on arrival? For example, Juice, Water, Crisps and Nuts?

Can you give me any tips for hosting since it is my first time.

I asked them if they would like a cup of tea which invites them to have a chat. Other then that nothing else on arrival. We air our spare room it would differ between hosts.

@Shaista Welcome! If you use the search feature of this site or check the suggested topics you will see there was a recent thread on “Snacks-guests love them.” I’d suggest reading through that . There are many threads on keeping guests happy and how sometimes it’s impossible to do so no matter how hard you try. I’d suggest reading through as much of this forum as you can, it’s been very helpful.

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Hi @Shaista - as @KKC says, there are lots of topics here, old and new, that will help you. There are so many different hosting styles and it seems that every host is different. To some extent, it depends on whether you are renting out a part of your home or a separate place.

What I can say is though that you’ll love hosting!

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Does your rental have blackout blinds? If not, installing them is a good idea. Also, I hear that electric kettles are indispensable, at least if you are from the Anglo parts of the world. :slight_smile:



When reading responses…like Jaquo mentioned - you need to keep in mind that you will receive many different answers depending on what type of rental some have. Even with the same type rental, you will receive many different answers.

Some owners live onsite and rent out a basement apartment. Others rent out a room in their house. Some rent out multiple rooms at the same time. Some offer private baths versus shared baths. Others rent out a whole house. Some rent out their whole house, and only move out when a guest books.

Hi @Shaista,

Why not post a link to your listing? That way people will have something to work with.

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What? Every place we stayed in in Asia had electric kettles! :slight_smile: I didn’t really follow that conversation earlier. Do they not use electric kettles in Inda?

Hi @dcmooney,

I expect there are lots of electric kettles in India, though I’ve no personal knowledge of them. Did I say something to suggest there weren’t?

Good suggestion, otherwise people trying to help could only guess what they suggest is applicable.

I thought you that’s what your comment meant - misunderstood. Oh, because you said “Anglo part of the world”.

I guess I didn’t phrase that well. I meant to say that if you have guests who have inherited the British tea tradition, they would consider electric kettles essential. Or so this forum tells me. :slight_smile:

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Some Europeans too. I’ve had Swiss, German and French guests who haven’t used the coffee maker at all but have used the electric kettle and teapot :slight_smile:

Underpromise and over deliver. That’s the best advice that I can offer you. Good luck!


Wisely said. I just dropped off another set of guests this afternoon and asked in passing, as I always do: "Is it more than you expected’, the resounding ‘Yes!!’, tells me that I done my part.

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Electric kettle is a must in Ireland as well, having a cuppa tea is like breathing air, essential. Mind you we have gone very posh over the years with coffee shops/ cafes springing up everywhere, starbucks are everywhere. Insomnia is a good one does the best hot chocolate so my children tell me, it is made from a bucket of melted chocolate

Welcome Shaista!

I am a very “frugal” host, as in I do not give my guests food, let them use my kitchen or offer a microwave, but I get a lot of good reviews for the following reasons:

  • Wine/beer upon arrival and a chat

  • Kill them with kindness

  • Go above and beyond what they expect from the listing

This is great because you can tailor what you can offer to the needs of your guests :slight_smile:

I don’t offer any food either. I tell them to bring their own food. Not my job to feed them. I give a place to sleep, and place to shower, and a place to crap. The rest of it they can enjoy or not enjoy … up to them.


Yup. Same here. No food.

No food. Infinite combinations of tastes, why go there?