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NEW host:) Can I get your opinion please?

Hi everybody, I am a new host! Our Airbnb is the Doodle desert experience!
We bought and remodeled our place for Airbnb/own vacation purpose. Did most of the DIY work with a sense of fun. We are close to the Joshuatree National Park and a few desert attractions.Please take a look at our listing:

I have a question: How can I boost my views and ranking after the new host period? Do you do any marketing? I can see a huge drop in views and slower booking after the first 4-5 weeks…hmmmm what to do what to do…I added an instagram account a bit ago.

Here is what I contemplate on doing:
1.Print out flyers to put around town.
2.Make a website for The Doodle ( costs $50/year )
3.email a few bloggers maybe even offer lower rate for them if they stayed???

Let me know what you think!

THANK YOU for looking. Cheers.

First, your place looks so nice and cheery. I really like all the personal decor. The outdoor shower and bath are delightful. I want a coffee mug with a rabbit on it. There are a few downsides that might make it difficult to get guests. You don’t have wireless internet. Most guests expect it. If you’re not going to add it, I would write that you don’t have it prominently in your description instead of assuming the people will click to expand the amenities list. Also, I would be put off by quiet time after 11:00 P.M. I don’t understand why if the property is on 2 1/2 acres. Parties of six usually are loud especially if alcohol is involved.

The thing that helps me most in putting me higher in views and bookings is enabling Instant Book. We turned it off earlier this week because we didn’t want turnover on Monday or Wednesday. We got no bookings except for one guest who had another listing cancel. We turned it on last night and have gotten three bookings.

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Thank you so much for this! Changed the Noise rule, Totally forgot about changing this rule after we put up the privacy fence. Maybe just remind them of the fact that I can hear things my neighbors from afar say:) Got internet in, need to update the wireless router, Thought they would think that’s a pleasant surprise but you are right should put it in there and fix Router asap.

Thanks again!

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i do have INSTANT BOOK on… at least it shows on my screen here. Does anyone not see it?

Your listing is beautiful, but the photos are missing some real details that would be important to me. Before the lovely artsy photos of your wall art and slatted patio configuration, show me a bathroom. Show me the kitchen as I would work in it. The photos that are actually two photos are jarring. It is hard to figure out what I am looking at. Highlight your home, then the outdoor space, and finally the artsy and night sky shots.


i’ll get a wider lens and update the pictures and order of them.Thank You!

and those night sky shots are astonishing. I see that sky at my Mom’s house, and have spent hours lying in her fields watching what I call “organic TV.”

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It really is “organic TV”. You get taken away by its “narrative”:slight_smile:

No, I don’t see Instant Book when I look at your listing.

I like it but I wonder if it is a little overpriced. With some pretty luxurious looking places at that price point, I might skip yours, and no wifi would be a deal breaker.

Can you get satilliete internet perhaps?

I look a lot of the features of it but no internet would put me off.

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oh wow, i sure will get to this WIFI thing…
I have internet connection, not WIFI router. I will get one asap.
I am glad you told me about the overprice issue. I did raise the rate by 20 buck after I got so booked for October. I will try to lower the price and see if anything happens.

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thank you for this!!!

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Oh a router is so cheap and will solve this issue! So many people travel with tablets or just with phones and wifi is essential.

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Do you have security cameras on site? Otherwise, since you are not on-site, you’re never going to be able to enforce “no parties”, “no unregistered guests” “no fire when it’s windy” and most of your other house rules.

I like the “desert moderne” look of your reno. Check your “comps” – comparable listings in your area – to see what others are charging.

I’m not sure any of your proposed ideas for increasing traffic will actually work…

On the photos, I would have half the number of pictures, and wider angle views. Close ups aren’t as important as “seeing the whole picture”. Also, most of the shots look like they were taken not at normal eye height, but almost from waist level. I understand you’re proud of Wen’s artwork (we’re proud of my partner’s watercolors too) but this is a rental listing, not a gallery show… let the art BE in the photos, but don’t focus on it, if you see what I mean.


I was enamoured with everything, except…the queen bed and bedroom. Please add some of your wonderful touches of color, texture and funky style. I think that your rates are excellent!

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I love it! I’d book in a heartbeat if I were in that area. I totally put it in my wish list :slight_smile:️ Best wishes

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Yeah, your space is fantastic! Love the uniqueness of it. Love the colors. The legs sticking out of the tub made me laugh. I’d stay there for sure.

Not sure why you may be having trouble sticking out & getting bookings. Do you have tons of competition nearby?

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Also, I really like your privacy fences. I’m building a new outdoor hot-tub & sauna area and I’ll be doing something similar. It’ll break up the view from the road that gets like one car passing by every three days.

I do think the prices that I set are reasonable. Yes there are many really really Cute and Hip stays near Joshuatree. Could be that it’s getting into the winter months and everyone’s booking slowed down.Thank you so much! yea we did a photoshoot for those leg’s owner’s birthday ha.

Autumn is the best time to visit Joshua Tree in my view. It’s too hot in summer for me. I hope you get lots of bookings very soon.

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