New Guest Standards Coming

Well, we’ll see.

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That email didn’t say much but I am hopeful that something along the lines of “flagging” is coming. Many hosts here express hesitation about a bad review because they fear retaliation of some kind. The box for “is there anything you want to tell Airbnb about this stay” is gone. Calling is a PITA and we get no feedback on if they did anything about it. But some simple flags might be used and if a guest gets several then they can remove the guest easily. No explanation, no replies to emails just poof! Problem guests have to cost Airbnb money and bad publicity so it’s in their interest to do something.

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Read the 22 plus pages of hosts complaining about guests non stop!!! Doesn’t Air realize there are issues here???

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Looks tokenistic to me.

Guest can set up a new account

Somebody else in the party books next time

Like playing wackamole.

Super Guests looks amusing, wonder if they will change the parameters to make it harder to get, AirBnB Guest Plus?

So can hosts, we advise it all the time. First review is bad? Just close it down and make a new listing!

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