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I was pre-submitting a review as a guest from the app ( the one for my Antwerp trip), and noticed that they changed a few things.

First, that’s a detail but they changed qualificatives that go along with the star-ratings.
Now 1-star is very bad instead of terrible, 2 star is bad instead of not great, 3 is ok instead of average, 4 is good instead of "great " and 5 is “perfectly well” instead of fantastic. At the moment, change is visible on the app but not the website.

Now, in each category, if you give less than 5 in a given category, a new field appears with keywords to click.
For accuracy: listing description, size of home, noise, wifi, amenities, photos.
For cleanliness: towels and linens, dust, bathroom, shower, odors, floors and carpet, kitchen, bugs
For arrival: directions, late host, entering the home
For communication: host unreachable, check-in arrangements

And there is a new category: “Amenities: Did your host provide everything they promised in their listing description ?”


If this is going to happen everywhere, I would be overjoyed! :heart_eyes:


Love these changes! Now there is no excuse for guests to ding us for things we don’t have, which we didn’t ever claim to provide in the first place


Ah! That explains why I got a message from airbnb attached to a review - that said my guest dinged me for cleanliness: floors - “baseboards were not installed”.

I didn’t like reading that, but that’s much better than being dinged and having no idea what their complaint was.


I recently got dinged on accuracy because I was bigger than they expected and they had kitchen access,when that is downplayed in my listing. I can’t believe I was marked down for being better than advertised,but I know I was because that drop down would not have appeared had they given me five stars. Disappointing. Who actually marks someone down because they were better than expected? The people were so nice too. Canadians. I am about done renting to Canadians.


Hi @Barthelemy,

Interesting. This sounds like an improvement, at least in theory. Maybe they got a lot of complaints about star ratings. But it’s not really a defense against overly picky guests. It just means they can make their complaints more concrete. But at least hosts will now have something to work with. In the past I’ve got some pretty weird star ratings - some explanations would be welcome.

One question - are the keywords optional?

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No baseboards??? Bad girl. Bad, bad, girl! Good thing you’re not renting out a yurt!!


Thanks for the heads up.

Did guests have anything to guide them before?

I don’t like the new changes. At least it explains DC’s “baseboards” and Kona’s “under promise, over deliver” complaint - I think it will lead to even more nitpickiness.

I don’t think “bugs” should be under cleanliness. It’s likely only very few people have bugs because the place is filthy.


I don’t have Baseboards either! Who puts baseboards in basement suites? That’s taking it to a new level of finished!

Shame on us for no baseboards. We should retire from hosting!

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I can just see now with the new “floors/carpet” hint…guests thinking long and hard about it. I mean…who would ever mention a baseboard unless it was because it was so dusty?

Yet guests don’t hesitate to roll their black tar suitcase wheels in and out all over nice carpet and floors. Sigh…


No stilettos in my house then! Save the wooden floors. If you must have them, use them to end the life of a bug.

Yes, all fields are optional except the overall experience star rating.


Yes, there was a question for each category, for instance “how appealing is the neighborhood ? Rate safety, convenience, desirability” for Location. These questions are still here.


Perhaps, in the form of ready-made complaints. :slight_smile: All you need to do is click.


I honestly hate these prompts that remind them to review us on things like carpet and baseboards.


I think it’s crazy that you were dinged for the place being bigger than expected. The only way I would be upset about that is if I were a housekeeper. I had the reverse. A guest gave us four stars for accuracy. Her accuracy feedback was, “Pictures always seem to make the rooms look bigger; I’m not sure they can do much about that.” I was so frustrated because in the captions on the photos of the guestroom we list the square footage both in feet and in meters. Argh!

If I were a guest, I would feel that the listing was inaccurate if I had access to a kitchen, but it wasn’t listed. As you know, I cook a lot You’ve mentioned that the nearest grocery store is pretty far from your place. My shopping would be much different if I knew I could cook than if I thought I couldn’t cook.

As in a distinct species. :clap:

(Looked it up, going back to Linnaeus original works, he missed that one). Good one. :sunglasses:

Well these guys actually came through FlopKey originally and I was able to find them off FlopKey and get their email. So they KNEW they had a kitchen to use before they even booked my place. I just had them use Air for booking because it was easier for me. Sigh. I should have just let them book through damn FlopKey.

@konacoconutz – I might have to join you on this one. Whereas, I loved having Canadians when I first started in STR in late 2010, because they were super nice, super neat/clean, super loyal in returning annually, consistently giving 5-star ratings, etc…I have since (sadly) done a 360-turn because they have proven to be…uh, shall we say ‘frugal’ by unabashedly (and without exception) requesting a discounted rate for extended stays (as if it was of benefit to me)…AND expecting a lower rate for the next reservation! [Sorry for the long sentence!]

Anyway, the first year I had 7 Canadians, the next two years, 6, and ultimately dropping slowly to 2 in 2016. I got smarter. Nice people, very similar to Americans but noticeably afflicted with a stiff elbow when reaching for the wallet in my experience.

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Their exchange rate is very bad now. Has been for some time, so this is why you’ll hear many asking for a discount, or else they just don’t return next season. I see this happening in Palm Desert where I rent our condo through Airbnb.