New Features in Calendar View

These are new to me as of this evening, though I realize that Airbnb does a lot of testing and staggered roll-outs of features so they may not be new to you or you may not have them yet. Just FYI:


The “get perks by updating (lowering of course, lol) your price”. It’s not everywhere, just on certain dates. I haven’t been able to find the pattern yet. It’s not just on dates (or on all dates) that have a symbol (green bulb or red dot). It’s not just on dates (or on all dates) that particularly different than my other prices or that are obviously going to book or not likely to book. Anyways, I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of the strikethrough or any advertisement that I’ve lowered my prices but I know that some of you like that, so this may be a useful tool for you. It does also tell me that they have some information about the dates they are offering it on that isn’t shared with us - e.g. because I can’t find the pattern of why they’ve offered on some dates but not others it implies there’s a factor I’m not privy too.

Less interesting but still new is that the statistics information is now under a “Trends in your area” heading that has a caret that must be clicked to see the info. I imagine it’s to get it out of the way for hosts who don’t care for it. Personally, I use it and miss being able to click around just once, but it’s certainly a small issue overall :wink:

Just a note: this happens to be one of my units that is open for New Year’s Eve. I’m not lowering my price. Besides one of the many deficiencies of the price tips is that it doesn’t take into account any multi-day discounts available for the date (which I have) or any extra guest fees (which I also have). But that’s a different can of worms :slight_smile:


If you offer an early bird discount, of 20 %, they send out special emails for you.

The only one really benefiting there is Airbnb and the guest. The guest gets 20% off. Airbnb gets the guest’s money early (albeit 20% less) and the host loses 20%. It just speeds up their cash flow and encourages guests to book.The guest can easily cancel later and the host gets nothing and Airbnb still got use of the guest’s money for that amount of time and probably still keeps their service fees.

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Thanks for sharing this. I’d noticed the strike-through text on other listings and was wondering why it wasn’t showing up on mine.