New Feature - Minimum Stay by Day of the Week

Airbnb appear to have introduced a new feature in the Trip Length section recently.
I’m still mulling over its implications. Has anybody used this? Any thoughts?


A good idea…


I hadn’t seen it, but anything that gives hosts more options is a good thing.


Yeah not showing up on my calendar yet- but would greatly help the 2 day weekend turning into Sat/ Sunday instead of the intended Friday/Sat


Wow, this is actually a good idea! I think I’ll use it!

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Cool! I haven’t quite worked out how but I’m sure this will be useful to me. Thanks for sharing

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This is useful! Especially for the those of us who depend on weekends.

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Showing up here, just don’t think it is helpful me. To access, go to Manage Listing --> Availability --> Customize by day of the week.

I need something more like, I have an open Monday - Friday and don’t wish to allow a Tuesday checkin during THAT week. This doesn’t help with that, but it is getting more granular.


That’s already been available and I’ve put it to good use for ages.

Trip Length > Add Another Requirement > Specific Dates

In your example, I’d do this:

Set that Monday and Tuesday for (at least) a 2-night minimum only bookable on Mondays.
Set Wed-Fri on a (at least) 3-night minimum, no booking constraints.
With that you either get a booking starting Mon or Wed, but no Tue.

So then, your possible combos are:

  • 2+3
  • 3+2
  • 5
  • 4+1 (if M-T goes first and you remove the second requirement)
  • 4+x

Apart from non-bookings, only the last scenario is unavoidable.

Check it out!

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Well, if I follow your instructions, I have made it impossible for someone to checkin on Monday for five nights. That is not a good thing. Sorry, this is not the problem solver.

Not true at all. The conditions that apply here are:

  • Monday check-in
  • 2 nights min for first M,T
  • 3 nights min for W,Th,F

How on earth does that eliminate a 5-day booking??

No guest is going to make two bookings and pay the AirBNB short reservation surcharge twice. Sorry, I just don’t think you have grocked this completely. I am not dealing with a, x, and b’s but with humans who search by dates and wouldn’t find my listing for those five nights.

I don’t think you’ve understood what I’ve said at all.

I’m talking about only one reservation by a potential 5-day-staying guest.

What leads you to assume that they have to make two bookings??
And how did you determine that a M-F 5 dayer is not possible with my setting?

I’m trying to provide you a solution that’s worked for me for a long time and you seem to be intent on trying to prove I’m wrong.

You are saying you can do this for a specific week? I can not find a setting that is date specific.

And that makes you so sure my scheme is wrong?? Wow!

Maybe I have presented the problem incorrectly. Any number of open days greater than 2, I simply do not want anyone able to check in on a specific Tuesday. I would like to set this up months in advance and forget it. And it would just work, not forbidding any other reservations for any length of time, and not requiring that anyone actually be in the room on a Tuesday.

I just can’t seem to make your method give me that type of control. Now, my fever has now broken, so perhaps it will make more sense after I re-hydrate.

It seems to simple to have a switch. Can only check in on this day, or can NOT check in on these days.

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I just wish we could make up our own rules; it shouldn’t be that hard. For example, I already do two-night minimums. But I don’t want to say if you stay Friday, you have to stay Saturday. That would be only if you check in on Friday. I also don’t want to say if you check in on Friday that you have to check out on Sunday, because I’m cool with you staying longer.

I feel like they are making improvements, but to serve a host population they’ve already ostensibly eschewed; that is, people who only open their calendar when they are available to host (live-in hosts, hosts who vacate their “whole house rental”, etc.) What I want is no turnovers on weekends, because I want to not be here, and instead enjoying MY vacation rental.

It shouldn’t be this hard, and I shouldn’t have to constantly monitor my calendar to accomplish it. I can make a damn SQL formula for this in ten minutes, why can’t Airbnb? Sheesh!


It might be possible to do it, but I think after the above, I’m going to focus my energies on finding solutions where the effort is appreciated or at least acknowledged rather than put down in intractable rebuttals.