New Covid cleaning policy terms + masks + social distancing policy?

I got this notification in my app that I have to agree to a new Covid enhanced cleaning protocol, social distancing and mask use by November 20th or they’ll block off my calendar. I can’t comply. I’m a live-in homestay host and other people besides Airbnb guests live here too. The home has central air. Even if you were a mask, it doesn’t matter because we all share the same air. So whether you are 2 feet away or on the other side of the house, all of the air is recirculated and the filters aren’t capable of removing viruses.

So basically this will be the end of Airbnb for me for now. By November 20th, it would’ve been a full year since Covid started an yet they are shutting me down now. If I get reported and violate the terms, I’m sure my account will be terminated but if I shut down voluntarily I’m sure there’s a chance to start hosting again later.


Yes you can, Wear a mask when interacting with guests and you will be in compliance.



If within your in-home living situation, you can’t manage the required covid protocols and since you don’t know if future guests are carrying the virus, you are quite possibly saving your own life and those you live with.

Count your blessings.


They don’t say the masks have to be effective in our environments, @Mexican, just that we have to wear them. I’m wearing a mask even though all interactions with guests are outdoors. Masks are, by all accounts, unnecessary outdoors, but I want them to tick the yes box when asked, “Did your host wear a facemask in any interactions with you?”
There are many things about the protocol that don’t fit here. I can disinfect the picnic table, for instance, but then an unmasked (!) squirrel will walk on it. But okay. Doing my best. It think it is all we can do.


If anyone is interested in evidence based summary of the mask controversy here is one from one of the top science publications in the US, Nature. It written for general public consumption but has footnotes for all the referenced studies.

Face masks: what the data say

The science supports that face coverings are saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic, and yet the debate trundles on. How much evidence is enough?


We are also hosting in our home, thus we are not reopening until we are comfortable and feeling safe. Our county has sensible regulations about home hosts, keeping us closed for now. Our own safety will determine if and when we reopen. Money cannot buy health. Our platform is very concerned about us keeping guests safe and happy, we do “enhanced” cleaning anyway, always have. Our health and safety is our responsibility, and it comes first. We miss having guests, but this is much more serious than that. If we stay closed for another year, so be it.


@Kitty_Norris, we are doing the same as your with our home-share Airbnb rooms.


@Mexican Haven’t hosted my home-share room since early March. I’m not about to put my health or my guests’ at risk.


Same here! 2929292929292


I will not be washing curtains all the time or wearing booties or washing ceiling fans (12 foot ceilings).
My husband has campsites and most is not applicable or not good to do, so he can’t agree to doing it.
Just not sure.

Masks are, in fact, required outdoors.

People talking can spew out particles that contain the virus with an orb of 12 feet or more. On my evening walks, passing people, I give them a very wide orb. Roughly 1 in 3 thank me.

In my home it’s a lot trickier. Sometimes my roomies have overnight guests. I am going to recommend that they wear masks in common areas.

My city has done quite well. But we are in to the second wave.


I don’t think that’s strictly correct, is it not just if your in an RPZ that there are restrictions?


It’s expensive but yes you can purchase fine weave filters (Merv 13 or greater) capable of removing germs & viruses from recirculated air. It is wise to verify your HVAC can handle pulling air through the finer filter. It may be worth the additional cost.

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You can purchase a thin heap filter for a window air conditioner and put it over the main AC systems filter to improve your air quality.

Aibbnb says to disinfect all high touch surfaces but short of a fogger it is almost impossible to comply. I think we have to just do the best we can. Wash our hands before and after cleaning a room. Wear masks spray lots of disinfectant. Leave 2 nights between guests really goes a long way to killing off any lingering virus or germs.

Most important thing you can do it to provide for contactless rentals. Keycode locks, good manual and directions and leave time between departure and going back in and air everything out really well.

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That’s right JohnF, it’s Rent Pressure Zones, which they added to.