New check-in feature?

For the first time, I just got an Airbnb notification in the app that my guest “checked in.” Has anyone else experienced this? I’m wondering how this feature works from the guest end.

Yep, I got one too. Sorry no idea how it works. Never seen it before so it must be new.

Do you and @Carlo_Di_Martino both do Instant Booking?

Yes I do…

I never got one, maybe it’s an Instant Booking only deal? Or simply my guests were too lazy… whatever it is, it’s cool to know when they are in.

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This would be a cool feature. We have self check-in and it would be nice to know when guests have successfully checked in.

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Update - I was playing around with this and figured it out. I think this is a feature that is available through the new check-in instructions that Airbnb rolled out recently, and at the end of viewing the instructions it gives guests the option to click check in to complete the process and let hosts know they have arrived. I’ve still only had the one guest use it though so far.

I often have guests use my keysafe to gain entry and they rarely message to let me know they are there.
And the fricken wifi - 9/10 would ask for it when I went and said hi later so I bought a little blackboard to write it on.
Needs the link to the house manual too though!

The itinerary already has the House Manual on it. I think this page is at the end of the step-by-step photo check-in instructions that are a new Airbnb feature. I think it shows the phone number and wifi in case you get stuck and can’t get into the house and that way even if you don’t have cell service you could stand next to the house and connect to the wifi and be able to get ahold of your host. Pretty smart idea for remote areas (and nice to have the phone number there if you have cell service), but I’m not sure how many guests actually use this or get this far.

Deep in the bowels of the Internet information superhighway where the computer servers run, maybe a bit of Facebook code rubbed with Airbnb algorithm?