New cancellation policy hack!

This is for hosts who are also on Booking!
Had someone who had booked quite long ago cancel a couple of days before arrival. Since I have a strict cancellation policy, I debited his card, and then did a last minute promotion to try to get the apartment re-booked.
Instants later I received a new booking, except the guests’ card wouldn’t go through. Booking has now decreased the amount of time you have to wait until you cancel, it’s now 12 hours. After 12 hours I was abit reluctant to cancel the booking, as it was for a whole week and conveniently filled the gap left by the cancellation. On the other hand, experience shows that people who don’t respond immediately when there is a problem with their card are just not serious. But still…
Now the great thing about Booking is that you can add availability…basically it enables you to sell the same place twice! So I made the apartment available again, and, lo and behold…got another booking. SO I was able to cancel the non responsive previous guest.
Anyway, this was just to say that my intention if and when Air does go ahead with their asinine 48 hr period of grace, I’m going to open these apartments on Booking, for 48hours after they get booked. And if they do, I’ll just cancel the ABB guest.
As a Superhost I get 3 “free” cancellations per year, and I figure that it shouldn’t happen more than this. And, after all, it’s only fair hosts should also have 48hrs to think about whether they really want to rent to this guest, or to try to get a booking at a better rate from another platform…

Are you also on instant book? That is an instant book feature, not a superhost benefit. Also the cancellations have to be because the guest is violating a rule or you are not comfortable with them in some way. I’m sure it will be no problem to lie once or twice but you may end up getting penalized. It’s worth trying for you, please keep us posted with how it works out in the future.

You get 3 free oops cancellations a year (within 24 hours of the booking). The reasons you list is unlimited.

I don’t see that here in the policies.

Click on the Learn more link under instantbook that you reference in your link.

Yes, I’ve always been on IB, and I had the 3 “free” cancellations confirmed the other day. Basically all you have to say is that you’re “not comfortable” with the booking and they cancel it.
I don’t intend to do this if I can avoid it, but I’m certainly going to give preference to guests from other platforms over AIrbnb guests if the go ahead with this policy!


I know I said that. I think you misread my post.

@Brandt I know. Marika said she could cancel because she’s a superhost and I was just clarifying that she was also on instant book. Then you said you get three cancellations a year, but not stipulating that it is only if you are on instant book.

I know you get free cancellations on instant book.

I was clarifying your incorrect post that the cancellation has to be because you are uncomfortable or violating the rules.

Ok, got it.>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I do suggest you read it again but I’m done with this thread.

I would be very wary of cancelling no matter what the Policy is, I only have had to cancel once, a burst pipe, and that turned out to be a long process, so something I would not want to initiate unless I really had to.

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Will you share how booking .com works now when host cancels? I am on there but haven’t needed to cancel due to non-payment in years. I really don’t use them that often anymore.

Before you had to click on something like “invalid card” - but then it still allowed the guest opportunity to submit another card. Can’t remember how long they had. Is that what you are referring to when you say the 12 hours? If guest has invalid card you can click right away and it allows the guest 12 hours to submit a new one? Or when you click the button 12 hours later, it immediately opens the dates?

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