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New booking site in Australia

Hi all especially those hosts in Australia

I just read this about Aura and thought you may be interested:

I’ will be joinng up.


How did this turn out for you?

I’m trying to find another platform to advertise on but they either charge the host too much comission (stayz) or I’ve read that they are hard to deal with (booking.com, flipkey)
I’m interested to know what you and other Aussies believe would be the next most popular site after Airbnb (if you think Airbnb is the most popular as I do)

I did register my property with tripadvisor but never got an enquiry and could never find my listing!
I want something easy to use that doesn’t charge me more than 3% and handles the payment. (like Airbnb but just to get more exposure)

Tried Gumtree but only got one enquiry for Easter on the night before Good Friday! (it was taken by then) and have had some business cards made to spread the word of mouth.
I’d appreciate your feedback

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What about create your own website? check lodgify,myvr ot some others providers with some google ad

hhmm, I dunno! I’m not tech savvy, don’t do pay pal or credit cards and not sure if it would be worth my trouble of getting those things.!
Thanks for the suggestion tho. I may get there in time. Still new at this and am giving it a year to see if the work of holiday letting is worth the effort or I should just long term rent out the house.

I have followed though properly. Too many other things to do. Airbnb is great especially compared to Stayz.

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The two exempel are for non tech. Basically you create website from template. We are between 3 to 6 time normal rent so not getting back to regular

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OK, I had a look at it, looks good. I see you have to sort the payment yourself. Did you get that far and do you know if you can receive the money through direct bank transfer?

You can put the option to be paid only by bank transfert. The card payment is easily fone with stripe. Edit i will next week create one for my dad and for in 6 months we have 1 year tenant that was already planned before we started from april the short term tenants. I am planning to use lodgify plus outswitch after checking a lot what was on the market

Oh thanks, but are you talking about the create your own web site or the Aura booking site?
(I was asking about the Aura booking site)

Ok sorry i was talking about own website

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