New booking - anyone else experiencing delayed notifications?

Has anyone else experienced delays or other issues with new booking notifications? It seems like there are problems with the website today so maybe that’s the culprit, but I remember this happening at least once before. I get a booking, get an email notification, but no notifications (or very delayed notifications) through the app. I haven’t changed any settings on the app by the way. Quick responses are highly encouraged by AirBnB, so it would be nice if the technology were more reliable…especially for those of us who rely on the app to be responsive while we’re out and about.

I don’t use the app, but I suspect it has something to do with their update and today’s outage.

That said, I find the message notifications in general to be mostly reliable, but not totally dependable. And sometimes there is a significant lag. I have gotten Request notifications at 3am that the guest in fact sent at 9pm.

Turn on SMS notifications in addition to app notifications- that way you have more chance of at least one of the notification methods working.

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There have been lags in notifications on and off for years according to my memory, which isn’t the best.

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Thanks @muddy and @KKC. I have similar (vague) memories of a lag in notifications over the years. It would be nice to have some predictability with notifications (again because we’re rated on responsiveness). I actually do have sms notifications activated, and have the app. Neither one alerted me today. I don’t have email notifications activated on my phone because I find that to be a big drain on focus and happiness but I guess I might have to consider it as a precaution.

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I’ve never really concerned myself with that. The only response rating that counts is that you respond to inquiries and requests within 24 hours, and I normally respond within a few minutes to a couple hours (if I’m busy with something I can’t drop) and if I get a notification during the night, I just respond in the morning. My way of thinking is if a guest expects an instant response, as if hosts don’t have lives to attend to, or expects a response to a message they sent in the middle of the night in my time zone, they aren’t the kind of guests I really want.

Of course, when we realize we aren’t getting notifications, that can be bad, and I’m not fond of getting them by email either, but quickly checking to see if you got any messages once or twice a day can solve that.

I did once stop receiving SMS messages entirely for a month- it was an Airbnb tech issue. That was years ago when I was sort of a newbie, so I didn’t realize how glitchy the site can be and ended up missing seeing a request for 25 hours after it had been sent, but that’s the only time that happened, because I know not to trust the reliability of notifications now.

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I’ll let you know tomorrow




Unless you get requests for same night or next night stays often, it’s probably not necessary. As Muddy points out you’re only rated on the 24 hour measure. My own experience with top rated hosts is that they aren’t that quick or responsive on average.

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