New airbnb taxes

would like to find out what my responsibilities are for new tax policy …i sent airbnb info last october they requested and they responded by sending w9 with my earnings…i have this info in payouts now …what is my next step …i do not file taxes yearly any longer as i’m retired …my payouts are less than $1,000 …i’m not so great with the tax thing obviously …do i need to see an accountant ?

Retirement does not mean “no filing”. You file taxes based on income - even your SS income:

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A lot depends on where you are. If you are in the US and you only have Social Security or some other retirement and Airbnb, you can probably use one of the chain tax preparation services. Some of their simple filings are even free. In my state the local senior centers also usually have some tax advice sessions. Once you see what they prepare for this year, you can probably do it yourself in subsequent years. The is usually a cut off below which you don’t need to file at all. The state requirement may vary. A simple online search will probably tell you what you need to know for your location.


I’d say yes to make sure you are going everything correctly.