New Airbnb sytem

Hi just wondering if anyone on this forum is using the Air Cashflow system by Aaron and Nicole successfully? Have been emailed regarding this in Australia and wanted to do my research on them before parting with any money.

I partner with a Nigerian prince for all my Airbnb transactions.


Hello @paradise/Sue

What made you decide to join the forum today to post about this company?

I’ve never heard of them and they don’t come up in Google searches.

Do you know how they got your contact details :slight_smile:

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I found this, it looks to be one of those real estate get rich classes, the ones where the only people who get rich are the ones running the classes.

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I suspect you posted this as a thinly disguised advert for this basic scam. As if Airbnb doesn’t have enough bad press and trouble with municipalities as it is.
If you are for real and asking this honestly RUN don’t walk as fast as you can. There is nothing they can teach you except how to part with your money.
Mods you decide if this should be removed.

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I don’t know how they got my details. If you google Air cashflow system Nicole and Aaron you will find it.

Sorry, can’t help it.


If you are for real, This is a scam, don’t waste your money! If you’re trolling don’t waste our time.
Read these comments and thanks for the opportunity to expose this for what it is:

The link should definitely be removed I honestly wanted to know if anyone else had been contacted by these people. I have already alerted Airbnb officially.

Why? What does Airbnb have to do with this? How did you alert them? What did they say? Are you currently a host?

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From the forum that Mags posted - the first post tin the thread. Note my highlighting…


I suspect (not saying it’s gospel, just ‘suspect’) that ‘Aaron and Nicole’ run a scheme within a scheme whereby members (customers, purchasers, whatever you want to call them) get a free something or a cash bonus or whatever if they recruit other members, purchasers, customers whatever.

There’s nothing wrong with that of course, Airbnb gives us a travel credit when we refer new users, but it could explain why people are posting about this ‘service’ on various forums.

How few people in this day and age would be fooled by the ‘sublet’ thing in this day and age is another matter :slight_smile:

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I think you would be amazed at how many people get really, really stupid when easy money is dangled in front of them. Sublet and make four times the money by placing a simple ad on AirBnB? Where do I sign up?

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I think you’re right. And it may well be that if these people are selling ‘knowledge’ in the form of a book or an online course or whatever that they are not actually breaking the law, especially if part of this ‘education’ is to find landlords with half a brain and persuade them to allow them to sublet. In which case what they are doing probably isn’t strictly speaking illegal.

And after all, the media has been ‘informing’ the world for years that Airbnb is a brilliant way to get rich quick. Ha, I wish!

In the UK this is illegal and called a Pyramid scheme.

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Why would you want the link removed, if you have nothing to do with this company @paradise?

Thanks for the replies and opinions everyone. I guess it’s best to take the link down so people don’t get sucked in. I sent a message to the trust and security section of Airbnb help and they were very appreciative.