New Airbnb listing Glitch - Number of beds

I was looking over my listing (something folks should do often) to see if everything was good and noticed that my listing says that I have 1 bedroom but 2 beds. NOT true. I have a 1 bedroom, 1 king bed. I have a daybed in the den but it’s not for sleeping and the listing says so. I checked my listing and could not find any reason why the listing thinks I have 2 beds.

I contacted Airbnb and I quickly get back this reply:

“You mentioned that you home only has 1 bed but you notice that is advertised as 2 beds and also you were having issues locating where to add them but you found how to. My apologies for the discrepancies with the number of bed being advertised.”

“I can confirm this is a technical issue on our end which I have reported to the technical team to let them know you are affected by this. The technical team will follow up with you via email to let you know once they have fixed the issues. I can (Probably meant to say NOT) provide a time frame in which they’ll reach out for I am not sure how long they take to response to these reports, but rest assured it will be resolved.”

Based on how quickly they responded I’m going to assume is was a know thing and that I probably will never get an email from technical team.

So now in my short description (taking up valuable space) I. have mention that suite only has 1 bed.

So check your listings!


@Lynick4442 Did you go into your Room and Spaces settings and check those? That is where the number of beds is determined.

If I recall correctly, I believe you used to rent out your place with the daybed as a second sleeping space? So if you previously had that set that way, from years ago or however long it’s been (maybe even from the initial set up of your listing) it would’ve transferred to the Room and Spaces settings when they added those a couple of years ago.

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Airbnb checked all my settings too. I checked everything and even Airbnb says it’s a glitch.

But you are correct and I double-checked the den and removed photos, etc. and it didn’t help. It’s been about 2 years since I rended a bed in the second room.

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