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New Airbnb Host Furnishing Questions

My dilemma is I need to use it in my current house until the end of our lease in August.

You’d be surprised how many guests are influenced to book a place by the style of the furniture. And how many guests will leave low accuracy ratings because there’s different couch or different color curtains.


or a different bed spread!


My comment does not deal with the furnishing of a STR, but these things matter.

Does your area require a permit to legally rent a dwelling short term?

ALL of your furniture? Surely there are items you can do without for the summer.


This reminds me that Airbnb started with some guys in an apartment renting out air mattress space in their place. What a transformation. The quality and comfort of air mattresses varies greatly. If someone goes that route, I would recommend the tall ones for a few dollars more.

Things like a bed, dining table and the couch I can’t do without, no. I have some side and end tables that work but other than that I don’t have too much.

You can buy inexpensive foam mattresses. They come in a box and “puff up” when you take them out of the plastic packaging. I bought mine on Amazon and guests have commented on how comfy they are. Perhaps you can go to a few estate sales to buy used furniture to furnish your Airbnb.


Similar to you, I was renovating prior to the booking season starting & didn’t want to miss bookings. I posted pics of the building, neighborhood, pool, grills, beach etc. with an all CAPS disclaimer “RENOVATION & FURNISHING IN PROCESS. I will post pictures as soon as possible”.

For my second unit I did the same and posted a couple pics of my existing rental with a the caveat, These pictures are of my other Airbnb rental to give you an idea of my decorating style.

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Why not just get decent second hand furniture from local charity shops or order from IKEA

Go and stay in a few local 5 star Airbnb’s comparable to yours in the location so you can see how it feels as a guest and what things are important

It seems you want to rush and do it on the cheap rather than thinking long term about what will make for the most successful STR business .

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The OP does not intend long term, it is a temporary bridge while living out his lease where he lives now.

Not worth the effort IMO


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