New Airbnb Changes - Your Favorites?

It seems like a good idea but for many hosts the flexibility of check in time will depend on the day of the week/end and what other things they have on and if they can rearrange their schedule to suit a late or early check in. I am guessing that is why they haven’t done it. I suppose you could divide it into flexible/inflexible check in times.

Just prying here but how many times a day do you check/clean up in the bathroom? Or are all your guests Moms who do it themselves?

We do check them frequently and touch up as needed, change out hand towels that are damp, empty trash,etc. Even our mom guests don’t clean our bathrooms!

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Huh? What does this mean?

[quote=“Mike_L, post:23, topic:20616”]
Even our mom guests don’t clean our bathrooms!

I asked because even as older adults whenever our family went on holiday together we would notice our mother going around checking the bathroom every couple of hours and cleaning as she saw fit (the invisible dirt only she could see). Whenever her sisters visit they get busy micro cleaning each others houses even though not asked.


None of the above, these are Advanced Searches that should have been there years ago.

I do appreciate the new PLUS listings, that will be interesting to see and will push the level of hosting.

What do you mean by this?

PLUS listings requires to provide a “better” overall experience.

I just got booted out of being “Business Ready” with the new format – because I have a strict cancellation policy, which I am not willing to lower. Too bad, because I love my business people. I am also not in “Family” friendly because I do not allow kids under the age of 12. But, I think I’ve figured out a way to get around this – click on the kid option, but make it clear that kids under the age of 10 are not allowed. Every time I have allowed younger children, they have broken something. Plus, I am worried about the liability issue – what if a toddler falls down the stairs? Thoughts?

Yes. I wonder if it will push the level of hosting though? Like are those hosts who were already at a premium level? I’d like to see the overall level of hosting improve but if this just segregates hosts I don’t see how that brings the non-Plus hosts up. Like that guy across town who rents out 4 rooms in his house plus the stair landing with the twin bed in it for $19 a night isn’t going to change and he isn’t going to get kicked off the site either.

Are you going to apply for Plus when it becomes available in the Joshua Tree area?

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I hear you. Not willing to lower my policy to Flexible. I have the same situation in my Los Angeles listing where I do have stair and I just rather not to take the risk.


The whole cancellation policy is just wrong. If we all go to Flexible, that will just encourage guests to book and then continue to shop around. I think the answer is to offer cancellation insurance.


@KKC, I’m a bit confused and I’m wondering if you’d know why both of my listings have a heading of “family”…

It has the amenities needed to be a family listing.

I think it will push it certain areas for certain people. I see how it can happen here, in Los Angeles.

Yes, to your question. I will apply to it when becomes available. I got most of their requirements down, so overall I don’t think it will be much more to add to it.

I wonder if the prices will go up automatically for Plus or will stay the same. I don’t mind if it stays the same BUT, it’s a double edged sword since now when guests will book a Plus listing their expectation will be higher so messing something up or having a hiccup will backfire big time at the host.


Ms Cynical here… the PLUS places won’t get more than they already did. And those who don’t have PLUS listings will get less. Race you to the bottom!


I don’t know what Airbnb will do…like if someone searches in the family section and then you tell them no kids under 10 and then they complain to Airbnb. Since the rule says “suitable for children 2-12” you can check that and then in other places tell them otherwise. And if someone agrees and then violates it they won’t have your back because of the rule.

I do think if you express safety concerns to parents and don’t provide any thing like pack and play or games you can discourage families with young children.

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Could someone please explain to me what “attached bathroom” means?
I understand what is a private and a shared bathroom but not a clue of what attached means.
And especially for “Entire Homes”, which is my case, could someone give me an example of an attached bathroom? I would like to check the proper choice.

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En suite - only accessible and used by that bedroom