New Airbnb Changes - Your Favorites?

I watched the live video with Brian Chesky announcing the changes they are implementing and it was actually quite good and inspiring!

Here are my favorite changes:

  1. The option to filter by Free Street Parking. I don’t have free off street parking but there is plenty of free parking on my block.

  2. The option to filter by private room with private bath. I think this is my favorite one, both as a traveler and a host! Edited to take out word “attached.”

What are your favorites?

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I am not happy with the word “attached” actually. My guests have their own floor with a private bathroom, but it is not attached. I value my accuracy rating, so don’t think I can check the box, even though I meet the “intent” of this phrase.


100% this. This alone will distinguish me from dozens of local hosts that are “competitors.”
The other one will be private entrance. When is the roll out of these filters?


Oh, boy! I can see that would be frustrating. But I just checked my listing and it doesn’t say attached! Ht is what the choices are:

Is the bathroom private?

No, it’s shared

That’s how I felt about my listing being “business ready.” I couldn’t have pets and even if I were willing to quit allowing pets in the guest room in exchange for more business travelers I was afraid there would be an episode of barking and the business guest would be pissed.

I guess the word “ensuite” is not universally recognized? Because yours is that. Maybe they will tweak the wording or broaden the description?

k9k, they have already been rolled out. If you go to your listing, you will see they are prompting hosts to edit their listings to reflect the changes.

It doesn’t look like you have the new category yet.

Yes, I did that this morning but I don’t think all the changes can roll out instantaneously to everyone. Like now my listing has the little “work” text block in the corner. Two hours ago it didn’t.
I cannot find the “attached bathroom” wording anywhere now and I swear I saw it this morning.

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We’ve just checked our two listings, both in the house we also live in, and next door to each other, so to speak. We are screaming with laughter, like cheeks and tears… Totally absurd but we’ve gone with the process to see what happens next. In a nutshell, the one with full 5* reviews has been “invited” to apply, whilst the other hasn’t. Guess which one is the nicest, but hosts up to four in two bedrooms and has had some wankrs to stay in? So 4.9 but 5 overall. So we’ve been through the form and you have to tick ALL the boxes, even those that don’t apply, like no kitchen use (B&B) and no hot tub to keep clean. But unless ticked, no pass to next step available. So we’ve taken the intent to mean "now if we did have a hot tub, would it be clean? Tick.

Hope this makes sense. Went to the pub and got caught up for too long/too much…


You can go look at homes already plus designated to see what kinds of places make the cut, so far.

Strangely enough, when I went through the prompts, I swear that it it first prompted me to check that the bath was private and then I had another prompt that asked if it was attached. Now when I go to the options, it doesn’t show the attached option.

Exactly. I wonder if it’s stored, hidden until they are ready to include it in the filtered amenities list.

Must be hidden. I logged out to search as a guest and when I go to filters, there isn’t the private bath or free street parking options. Hopefully soon!

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Yes, a couple can book the whole guest house/apartment, which has its own bathroom. But no, sadly, you will have to walk 20 feet through the living area to get to it. Still, fluffy towels!


Just me, but I would love it if guests could finally filter for a check in time … with a flexible check in time that would probably put my listings further up on the search results again …
and save the hassle for those that can only do it from 5pm to 9pm …


I now have a little “Work” tag by my listing. But I get such a combo of business, tourist couples, getaway weekends, people who want to be near the airport . . . Don’t know if this will help or not.

Even that is too limiting for us. We have 4 rooms to rent and 3 bathrooms. I checked shared bathrooms but they could be private if other guests aren’t staying. I was thinking the option of a surcharge if you want a private bathroom would be good to offer.

None of them are ensuite?

I’m curious what kinds of guests do you get/market to? I don’t have to have an ensuite, I don’t even mind sharing a bathroom but that’s too many rooms I think. Up to 8 people sharing 3 bathrooms? Just for me, of course, not criticizing your set up.

The 3rd bathroom is new. We’ve managed with just 2 bathrooms so far although the 4th guest room we just opened up last Oct. We are primarily a college town and that’s where much of our business comes from. Things have gone pretty smoothly with sharing the bathrooms. Once, we had 11 people sleeping here plus my wife and I, all sharing 2 bathrooms. It actually went well. We have had some not book with us because of not having a private bathroom though. Not having private bathrooms is never mentioned in reviews and has not hurt our ratings;
Overall rating
5 Stars
Total reviews
5-star reviews


Thanks, Mike. I can certainly imagine a market for that kind of thing in a college town. Good luck!

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