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Netcode smart locks


I am a newbie to Airbnb and have an apartment in London I would like to rent. I would like a lock which can remotely generate and send codes to customers to open front door and lock or unlock door remotely. Has anyone used netcode based smart locks manufactured by codelock?, or recommend a reliable smart lock with remote access


I use the Schlage Connect lock with the Samsung Smartthings hub to do just that!


Hi since I am totally new to hosting and only just discovered Smart locks. Apart from the smart things hub and the lock. Do I need any other app/software to generate digital pins that can be sent to the customers. Also have you had any problems between connection to the lock & the hub


I haven’t had any problems yet with the communication. I did have to do some basic programming to install Lock Manager on my SmartThings hub. You can get step by step instructions on how to do that by googling it.


Just to clarify with Smartthings lock + Schlange Connect lock + Lock Manger software. Would I be able to change the pin code on the lock remotely, or are you changing the pin code on the lock manually each time you have a new guest and just using Lock Manager to manage the lock , to let you know when guests arrive or leave and create time slots for each guesthouse


I use the Schlage lock with a Wink hub (similar to Smartthings) and I can program, lock and unlock the door remotely.


Following with interest. I have a lockbox


@Lynnie I just bought a lock box because my keypad didn’t always work. I thought a lock box would make things easier for guests…go back to house keys…


hi, what about folks who don’t have a smart phone? i’m in the process of researching options…my keypad doesn’t always works…thanks!


Do you mean to program codes, or to use a code to unlock the door? You don’t need a smart phone to unlock the door. Just the code. To program it, you don’t NEED a hub or a smart phone. That just makes it easier, and gives you added features like locking/unlocking it remotely.


@tinyCar hi, this is all greek to me. i don’t want to program anything. I have a small lockbox that has keys. My keypad doesn’t work consistently. I am thinking of upgrading to a system that is easy for guests to use. i prefer guests not having house keys. may get a reliable keypad or go to a smart lock. was looking for recommendations. thanks!


Ah, ok. Well as I mentioned I use the Schlage smart Lock.

It has a decent looking keypad, and it comes pre-programmed with two codes so you don’t have to program it at all if you don’t want to (I do - I change the code for every guest, just for added security). It also has a good old fashioned keyhole, so if you don’t even want to use the codes you can use a key. I had a locksmith install mine so it was keyed to the rest of my locks. But I’m sure someone handy could install it themselves.

Hopes this helps!


@tinyCar thank you so much for the extra feedback! it’s good to know how it works. you could use as a regular keypad or upgrade to a smart device, i guess. i’ll bookmark this post. cheers!

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