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Neighbors bitching about parking

So I havery a neighbor that has 2 kids that both have cars. One parks in her driveway, where she parks her car, and one parks directly in front of my mailbox. No complaints from the mail lady yet. She’s a saint.

Now I live on a very wide street. There is tons of curb where people can park on the public street. Tons. Her kids could walk 20 feet and park elsewhere. But it has to be in front of the mailbox.

This morning, she calls me to ask my guests to move their car. I think of telling her that her kids could and should park elsewhere.

Then I realize that she specifically mentioned that it’s the “AirBnB people”. I swiftly realize she could easily call the city and bitch. I decide to just ask the guest to move her car. I’m so annoyed right now. I just hope the guest doesn’t feel bad or anything because of this. And I absolutely cannot stand this problem with people acting like public property is theirs. I never complain about anyone parking anywhere on the street. It’s public property. Anyone can park anywhere they like so long as they’re not blocking a driveway. Her kids are entitled brats anyway. I just wanted to vent somewhere and honestly, it’s a small petty thing. I’m not sure which of us is petty. Hahahahaha. Well I have a feeling it’s not me, but I’m not going to get huffy anywhere else about it.

Just thought it was relevant because it involves my guests, who’ve done nothing wrong. And of course because if I don’t comply I’m throwing a gauntlet down that the neighbors will quickly pick up and throw to the city. I guess it’s appropriate because it’s really about avoiding irritating the neighbors so they don’t decide to make an issue out of something with the city.

What stupid things do you have to do to appease your neighbors?

Do you own a car? If so, you should park on the street in front of your house, and then let the AirBNB folks use the driveway [assuming that there is one.]


I am confused.

So your guests are parking in front of her house (on the public street)?

But your guests wouldn’t need to park there if her kid wasn’t parking in front of your mailbox??

Is your Air place illegal? Is that why you are worried that your neighbor will alert the city?

No no and no.

It’s not illegal it if it is I’m not aware of it. It’s never good to stir a spot that doesn’t need it.

Yes the guests should park in the driveway. Even when I park there, cars be parked three abreast, or even one behind the other. The driveway canext fit up to 4 cars.

My guests don’t need to park there lol. No one should be parking there. It doesn’t bother me if the guests do it, because they don’t know any better. The neighbor however, should.

My air place is my home. It’s not a place where it’s specifically just for AirBnB guests.

It is the street in front of my house.

Exactly! So park there with your very own car… this is about civic sharing, not AirBNB regardless of what your neighbors think.


A long time ago I went to visit my best friend who lived with her parents at the time. I parked on the street and a woman came over to me and told me to move because that is where her daughter parks. I looked around, plenty of space to park, even behind me. I told her I’m not moving. It’s not private property. I’m still proud of the fact that I stuck up for myself. If it was so inconvenient for her daughter, then she could make room in her driveway for her. Which no, I’m sure she wouldn’t do that, because she thought it was my problem, not hers. But she was mistaken.


Since you aren’t doing anything wrong there is no need for your guest to move their car. Next time she calls I’d just say "No, I’m not going to ask my guest to move their car. Street parking without permits is first come, first served. " There is no need to make it about her kids or other cars parked on the street. Let her call the city, it doesn’t matter. In fact, if it were me I’d be inclined to let her get it out of her system so it’s not hanging over my head.

So far, nothing. In the few cases where guests park in the street I tell the guest to please pull their car into the driveway.

I have done this before at my parents’ house. Then the neighbor yelled at my parents. Then I called the property management company that rents him the house. That was the end of that.

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That is a great idea!!! She referred to the curb as being right in front of my house…but it’s actually right in front of both of our houses…property line splits right down the middle. I’ve decided I’m being just as petty as she is.

I had 3 students last year and all had cars, I told them they could park anywhere on the road as it is public but not to park directly across from my neighbour as he is 81 and its harder for him to reverse out and turn if if a car is parked on the road. Told one of them twice, not to park but he knew better. About 9.00 pm, one night I hear a bang, look out the window and saw my neighbour had reversed right into the students BMW, he knocked into us to explain what happened and said he would pay for it. I said nothing to the student until I saw him almost crying on the street when he saw the damage. He thought someone just damaged it and drove off. I told him what happened, and that the neighbour would pay for damages, he was lucky my neighbour was honest

Unfortunately my initial reaction about everything is always to get angry although I may not say anything as I have learned that I have never regretted not saying something LOL. But what I realized today after thinking about the situation is that the neighbor is right. Parked correctly my driveway can handle up to six cars. There’s no reason for my guests to ever park on the street. So now I’ve added a little diagram to you my guest handbook that shows how to park their cars so that we can get enough cars into the driveway. I also put in my guest handbook that the max number of cars I can accommodate is two.


It’s worth giving it a shot.

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