Neighborhood Search Doesn’t Make Sense

I see they’ve added the neighborhood filter back in. Problem is that they have approximately 110 neighborhoods listed for Seattle, a good portion of them aren’t even in Seattle, and the worst part is they aren’t in any logical order. They aren’t alphabetical, and don’t seem to be in order using distance from city center or anything like that. The neighborhood our unit is in, is highly desirable, and fairly close to attractions, etc., but it’s listed near the bottom of the 110; who knows if people will even bother reading through the entire list that far. This is just a rant.

Rest assured, you’re not the only one who finds Airbnb’s search ranking confusing. Even though, your post was only a rant, here’s a tip - in order for Airbnb to view your listing as active, you need to make changes regularly. Thus, if you want to boost the ranking of your listing begin by updating your calendar regularly.

I update my listing at least twice a week, sometimes more, that’s not my issue but thanks.

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Sometimes even they show first not even the area you looking for but other nearby areas.
When I travel I don’t limit price and this is when I can get first listing in the exact area I am searching and then I just click on those in my price range

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I hate how ABB shows liatings that “match” my criteria. They need to have a map so you can see where different listings are that are available for my nights etc. Showing me towns well out of my wanted area and that is of no help

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They do have a map but most people never use it. I guess they don’t see it, like you.

Just found the map. It is only available on desktop- not on mobile or through the app that I can see. Makes it easier for me to compare prices for certain dates too so thats awesome. :slight_smile:

It is on my app. I use the app about 98% of the time.

Look in the lower right corner. See that circle with the pin? That’s the map.

By the way, I don’t know what most people do but I always search using the map. Even if I’m not sure where I want to go like “New Mexico” in a couple of days, I use the map and zoom in and out to show all the listings.

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