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Neighbor complaining about noise level. Do we have any right on this subject?


Since they’ve legalized fireworks around here, I’m not sure why the guests wouldn’t assume they could shoot fireworks… But you raised a good point. I’m going to have a no fireworks allowed policy in place since I don’t want anyone to get hurt or cause a fire…


Back before time began, when I was young, there was a fireworks show at the local park. Something went wrong and they all went off at once. We were all far too close anyway and there were injuries. Dunno but maybe your neighbors didn’t approve of guests playing with fire.


On this side of the pond, we often hear stories of people who move out to the country for just such reasons, then complain about cocks crowing, ducks quacking, cows mooing etc. And then the smells… It’s hilarious. I think the advice would be to go back to being a Townie or get yourself 3-4 acres. Perhaps sound doesn’t carry so well in a small country!

More seriously, and not that I condone guests letting off fireworks, it does sound as if the OP has found herself with an interfering, busybody of a neighbour, who needs to get a life. Sadly, such folk never do.


so true… no firewirks allowed. YouNeeed to keep neighbors happy.


Ah, I remember a New Years Eve in Thailand. My boyfriend bought a whole box of fire works and set them off on the beach. The locals and other guests were so thrilled!

Different world, long ago…


Yeah I talked to the neighbor… turns out I think that’s what happened. They claimed that my guests climbed to the top of our lot (which could potentially be on a neighbor’s lot). I said, “why would they do that?” She said, “I’m sure so the whole neighborhood could see.” Ah… so my guests were actually trying to put on a show for the whole neighborhood… I see…


When I talked to the neighbor on the phone, she actually told me that she’s retired (ex-police force), she’s home all day, and has a clear view to my house from her house so she watches it all day. Lovely…


Truly a neighbor from hell. She doesn’t have enough to do.


You should ask her to co-host for you, she gets something to do, she gets to be in charge with the guests and she will never call the city on you.



Let her vent to you and get it out of her system. Better you than an official complaint.

I wouldn’t be happy if anyone next to me was playing loud music or other chronic noise.


OP unfortunately I think I’ll have to side with your neighbors on this one. Your guests are disturbing the peace of the neighborhood and the people who actually live there shouldn’t have to put up with that. If you don’t get control of your guests, the neighbors will fight you and win. They’ve already shown that.

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