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Negative Review? Yes, or no? If you don't have anything nice to say

Is this a harsh review or is it totally justifie?. Would you tone it down, if you were me?
This would be my very first negative one since I have recently decided to apply the “No more Mr. nice guy policy” on myself.
I used to be the type going by the “If you don’t have anything nice to say, say nothing at all.” rule. But I guess it’s time to tell it as it is.
What do you think?

Here’s what I plan to post about my recent guests (Let’s call her H.):

"Not Recommended! AVOID H. at all costs!
Irresponsible, Disrespectful, Condescending, Demanding, Entitled and Arrogant!

  1. Issue: H. left the main door of the apparent open after they checked-out (!!!) for any opportunistic intruder to walk in freely and roam around and steal in the apartment! A blatant and shocking disregard of other peoples’ property!
    They were leaving in the morning and I didn’t get into the apartment until 4 pm on that day. Just to find the main door had been open the whole time! That is for a good 6 hours! Who does that???
    Regarding check-out I always say to all my guests: It’s very easy, just leave the keys on the table in the apartment and close the door shut from the outside when you leave. H. nodded to that and also seemed to understand English very well.

  2. Issue: During check-in H. saw two bath towels prepared and asked if that was all? I said yes. She then made very condescending and bewildered face and pointed out to me that they were staying for three nights and that they will need a fresh towel every day. (!!!)
    Apart from the fact that this behavior is utterly UNECOLOGICAL, harmful to the environment and unnecessary, this demand came across as very entitled and arrogant.
    Please, H., next time book your stay at Four Seasons Hotel, Hilton or Carlton Ritz. There you will get a fresh fluffy towel every day for your buck! A very different buck that you pay at airbnb that is!!!
    Also, please note that using the same towel three times in a row is perfectly fine, sanitary and above all ECOLOGICAL!!! (Google it.)
    I noticed this preposterous demand of 3 feet high stack of fresh towels in other Korean guests before. I don’t get it, the Northern part of your country is suffering in poverty under a horrendously oppressing communist regime and you are fussing about not having enough towels while traveling around Europe? Get hold of yourselves!!!
    Thank you!"

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No, I would never write a review like that.

You didn’t tell the guest to lock the door?

So really, the issues are that the guest wanted a few more towels and she left the door open. I’m sure that there are some hosts here who would be equally affronted but I’m not one of them. That review is well over the top, especially:


No, they do not lock the door when they leave! How could they, with what? When I instruct them to leave the keys inside the apartment on the table. The door locks itself after you shut it close! It cannot be opened from the outside once you sut them. Got it???
Why is it over the top? Because it is not PC? Because I simply tell the truth?

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You asked for opinions and you got mine. I’m sure that other hosts will give their own too.


I ma asking additional questions. That is allowed, right? If you don’t feel like answering them, you don’t have to, jaquo. No need to remind me of what I wrote in my post for that matter… :slight_smile:
Just ignoring them would’ve sufficed. :smiley:

Yes I do think you should post that review exactly as it is. It is important that hosts know who guests are and that future guests get a glimpse into the mind of the host as well.
I think this is wonderful insight into your stance and personality, and I would want to know this about you before I placed a reservation.
Absolutely post this. No changes.


@Boruvka - Your review sounds overly harsh to me.

For 2 -3 day stays I have at least two towels and if asked for another one, I would give them another one. To me, it isn’t worth getting stressed out over a few towels or starting off on a negative with your guests.

If it became routine with many different guests and I had a problem with that, I would include in my listing that additional towels = additional $ or else up the fees a bit so that the cost to launder the towels is covered. If it’s the ecology that you are truly concerned about, then promote your place as green lodging so you will attract people that are of the same mindset.

I do think that leaving the door open upon checkout is a problem, but it could have been an oversight. That may be something I would put in a review, but I would make the wording less harsh. Maybe something like: The morons left the door open when they left. (NO!, I am kidding!..) I would say: Upon departure XXX and XXX left the front door wide open, but fortunately, no theft or vandalism occurred before I arrived to prepare the unit for future guests.


What an uptight scene. Your review is indeed extremely aggressive, but that is your choice. I read that, in a 1,000 years I wouldn’t book with you.



Yes. [quote=“Boruvka, post:1, topic:8055”]
What do you think?

That it sounds like a perfectly fine rant to post here on this forum but to actually put all that (very long, emotive and often sarcastic) in a review on your page is a lot OTT and would in my eyes reflect as badly on yourself as is does on your guest…

It’s bedtime here in my world so I’d say sleep on it before posting your review



I so totally agree with you xx

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It seems that you went from one extreme to the other. That is, from “don’t say anything” to “I’m going to try to look unhinged.” I agree with everyone here that this review is too much if these are your only complaints about these guests. Depending on where you are one towel per person per 3 days is not enough. I also would not stay with you if I read this review.


So basically what you are saying is that as a host you cannot write a negative review because your potential guests might read it and might decide not to stay with you, because they might find your.reasons in the review petty or not such a big deal, or simply just because “you give negative reviews”.
How sad!

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No. What we are saying is that potential guests don’t want to stay with potential jerks.


Wow! You just prove to be one by using name calling. And why do you refer to yourself as “we”?

Here is the deal @Boruvka . Stay away from bi-modal thinking, that it is all 1 or 100, yes or no, black or white, leave or not leave a review, negative or positive. It should be a matter of degrees, it always is. Your review comes across as 99% negative, I seen worse. Would a 60% negative have sufficed?

You make that review a reality, you will pay a price, because, it is outright irrational.


Always begin with the end in mind. (7 Habits)

What is your goal with this review? Is it to punish or to inform? How do you want future guests to view your sense of hospitality? Will this review help to make sure that the door is never left open upon departure or that no one ever asks for an additional towel?

I agree with another poster that to vent here is one thing, it’s saved my sanity in the short time I’ve been on this site, but to post what amounts to a rant while calling it a review won’t help you get bookings, nor will it negatively affect the guests.

The perception that it seems many of us have of you based on your review is negative and reflects more on you than on the guests. You may be the most charming person and best host ever, but perception is reality, especially on the internet.

I think what it boils down to is that it seems as though you have made it personal in your review and throughout this thread, as well. Again, that may not be the case in your eyes, but that is the way it appears to me.


@Boruvka – You asked for our opinion, so be gracious and receptive. Yes, your feedback is unnecessarily heavy-handed and harsh. Yes, I understand how upsetting the guests were, but they caused no actual harm to you or to your property. You need to chill, if this is the worst guest you ever had, you are lucky and should count your blessings. There is a big difference between a negative review and an aggressive, harsh review. So what that the guest expected an extra towel? It’s no reason to be sarcastic and to criticize the guests’ culture, country, etc. As a host you need to be gracious and open-minded even when you disagree with what is being asked of you. Your behavior/reaction is like wanting to kill a roach with a sledgehammer. Please don’t be upset, but I think that in your life you might be your own worst enemy. Have a cup of tea, take a deep breath and get some perspective.


Thank you, MissMiami. I am doing fine, despite for what you recon from my post. :slight_smile:



@sandyb, @Boruvka Your aggressive mind-set is not only vis-à-vis your guests but also to us. Your asked for our feedback and we took the time to share our thoughts. Rather than being gracious and understanding that we are not disagreeing with you for the sake of disagreeing but to be helpful and supportive of you as a host, you are incensed that we dare to tell you that you are choosing the right path in considering such a harsh, personal and emotional feedback. I don’t know if you are 28 or 78, but either way, you really need to take a more relaxed approach to the challenges of being a host or you’ll be risking your health with such over-the-top emotional reaction.

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