Need your guidance -- the taxes and fees seem outrageous!

Dear Fellow Hosts,
I’m totally confused and need your guidance, please. My property is in Miami and a prospective overseas guest wrote to me about a 2-month stay and requested a discount. Unlike some of my fellow hosts, I do occasionally offer discounts and I find that it’s totally acceptable for a guest to request a stay cost reduction (after all, it’s merely a business transaction and I’m not slighted or offended by it).
What confused me was the calculation below; I guess I’ve been oblivious to the additional fees and taxes charged on top of my per night fees, please see below:
Your guest will pay $7572
You will earn $6000

I am not familiar with the taxes in Miami but sounds about right, Might have expected it to be a bit more. I assume the taxes on accomodation are quite high.

Just a thought but as you will have a tenant not a guest wonder if the regular short term taxes should apply? I know where I am long term/lease booking are not subject to the usual accomodation taxes.

@Como, @Billy_Bob_Merkowitz
Thank you for your input, all of these additional fees/taxes really make it costly for guests, wow!

$3500 a month for lodging in Miami sounds dirt cheap to me over on the Gulf Coast.

Our place here in Fort Myers would be about $2000 a month this time of year; more like $3000 during Season from December to May.

The good thing is that we don’t have to collect and pay those taxes, Air does it for us.

Most people are not, image how much you could have earned when the guest booked direct with you.

I always tell my guests about my actual rate, and the huge AirBnB fees.
That is why 99% of my return bookings book direct.