Need you wording geniuses ideas for a short message to upcoming guests

Once in awhile I’ll get a booking from someone who is pretty tight lipped. Either says nothing, or just asks a question right off the bat (“does it have a stove?”) but nothing else. Most will tell me a bit about who, what and why they are coming and that is helpful, as well as giving me some insight to their temperament… since I live alone on a very private, secluded farm with no close neighbors. A short conversation can give me that. I actually declined a booking some months back because of the caustic demeanor of an inquiry. I also want a bit of a sense of who they are (their level of ‘friendliness’) and their goals (hiking, decompressing, concerts at our unique cave concert center nearby). And it gives me a heads up for when I greet them upon check in. May sound strange to some hosts, but it seems to work well for me.
Love to get some input from a writing genius (helped me a lot to redo my house manual!) on a quick message I can send right after a silent one books…

I’ve asked a booked guest before but it always seemed clumsy, or nosy.
Ideas please??

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I can relate to this. It bothers me immensely when they ask the odd question and that’s it. I usually reply with “Hi, thank you for your interest in my property. Given that this is the house where I live I would like to ask you, like I do all my guests, what brings you to the city and what time do you estimate you will be arriving.”
this usually gets a conversation going.

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This is my (saved) response to all guest requests:
Hi so and so,

We would be happy to have you come stay. Thank you for choosing the ttr Hideaway:) You will love it here!

The hottest time of the year is July 15th to September 15th, so if you are choosing to be here then, be prepared for high temps!

Before confirming your stay, please take the time to read all of the listing, including rules and cancellation policy. No smoking, vaping or parties are ever allowed. Please include your traveling companions names.

Our location is off the beaten path, and feels remote. We are in a pristine natural wildlife habitat and there are wild animals. Please locate Cxxr zip code xxx on a map and make sure it will work for you. You must have your own car or a rental. Sorry, but Ubering is not an option for this vacation rental.

We are 35 minutes from ( airport 1) and at least 1 hour 15 minutes from (airport 2) and Hollywood.

Thanks very much for your request to stay here!

Kind regards,

Hi Guest;

Welcome to The Farm. I don’t want to seem nosy, but I do want to know a bit about who is coming to stay at my home, and why.

So please tell me a bit about yourself, who is coming with you, and why you’re coming to my little corner of Paradise? I was this… and I did that and now I… fill in the blanks…


cool…that’s nice…thanks

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