Need to send special offer to repeat guest

I have a guest who has already completed a reservation and wants to book several more sets of dates. We want to send him a special offer since he is booking weeknights regularly with us, but I don’t see the “special offer” button anymore since he’s already ‘in our system’, so to speak. He tried sending an inquiry, so I could get the special offer button back again, but all that did was send his message to me like a regular message on the Airbnb app, since he’s already pre-approved, etc. Any ideas for how to send him a special offer whenever he wants to book new dates with us???

Suggestion one is to turn him into a cash customer and quit paying airbnb.

Suggestion two is to have him book and then either use the resoultion center to send him money or use change reservation to change the price.


The cash customer who is paying you and not plus fees already feels like he is getting a discount.


Just get hm to pay in cash and he gets a substantial discount by not paying. Airbnb fees

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Do you have personal contact details for him? As everyone says, take him on as a paying guest, paying you directly; Airbnb have done their bit by introducing him, and he gets his discount by not paying their fees.

I had a similar arrangement last Autumn. She is now a good friend!

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Since Airbnb removes personal contact information at the end of the visit, I print and save the Guest Itinerary PDF to my GUEST file.

Reservation Details
Guest Itinerary
Select print
Select print to file
Select the file on the computer where you want to house these documents
Name document (e.g. 2019 08 25 29 Anne Smith) (this format stores the documents by stay date. You find the guest by stay date & name—-include other identifiers like Guest House 1)

You chose what works for you. I like saving electronic copies because I can easily search multiple years of reservations and each itinerary includes a copy of the house rules in effect during that reservation. Plus this is quick, easy & cheap (no paper, no ink, no notebook)

PS I like having a copy of the guest itinerary so I have documentation of the rules & check in information provided by Airbnb to the guest. I don’t think many guests use the itinerary though.


The guest needs to inquire about the specific dates as I understand. If that doesn’t work then perhaps the request to book.

This is why people should be using Houfy for repeat guests. Free for owners and free for travelers.

Waiting to take cash is fine if you don’t mind if that person for some reason never shows up and you can’t resell the dates.

Your guest can book directly on Houfy. Calendars sync. Airbnb and VRBO reviews will import. All you have to do for payment is connect a free Square or Stripe or account.

And, why would you want a repeat to book through Airbnb when that just sets you up for extenuating circumstances and they can cancel? Booking directly avoids that.

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I use the change reservation each time after they book if I don’t want to turn the person into a “book outside of Air” guest.