Need recommendation for good, affordable sheets

I bought some inexpensive sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond for one of our guest rooms. After washing and drying they look so wrinkled, especially the top sheet. I don’t have time to iron sheets. Anyone have a recommendation that won’t break the bank? thanks!!

Don’t overcrowd your dryer, then remove and carefully fold your sheets while they are still very slightly damp.

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Yep don’t dry them to bone dry or those wrinkles won’t go away. You can also try what I do; a small hand held steamer to quickly remove the worst… the steamer cost me around £20

Hang to dry and those wrinkles won’t set.


If they are fitted sheets, put them on the bed and iron there. Cuts the ironing time by 75%.

I thank the Supreme Being daily for my local, inexpensive ironing service!


You will find that cheap sheets don’t save you any money. More expensive ones, not hundreds of dollars, will last longer, wish and dry better. I’d take the sheets back to The store. I buy my sheets at Winners/Home Sense in Canada, TJ max in USA. I pay about $60 for a double or queen sheet set, Egyptian cotton.

Sorry to be contrary by it is my expensive sheets that wrinkle like hell and are a pain to care for. I actually wish I hadn’t decided to upgrade the guests sheets.

Cheap and cheerful all the way from now on !

I agree. They are going to get stained anyway. (If my guests are anything to go by!)

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I buy white so I can bleach out stains. My sheets arent terribly expensive, $60 for a set, fitted, flat and pillowcases.

@TheDees Macy’s is my go-to for all bedding. My guests consistently rate us high in bedding, and we realize that quality matters.


I usually buy 100% good quality cotton from Zara Home in the sales. However, all the sheets in the Airbnbs where we stayed in Cape Town wre cotton with polyester and we found them to be really soft and comfortable. My husband is a very energetic sleeper and in the morning his side of the bed looks like he’s been in a wrestling match with the sheets - the poly cotton ones were much less creased, and I might look for sheets with some polyester mix next time I buy.

If in Australia - I buy Target sheets - FAR better than all the expensive brands. I wash them, then hang out on line to dry. But don’t fold over the clothes line - peg one hem on one string of the line, then peg other hem on another string line. This way, I only need to iron out the peg marks.
One thing I have found to avoid - NEVER USE MICROFIBRE sheets! They were absolutely revolting, crease so much you cannot get the creases out, and guests HATE them. I spent a large amount of money on microfibre sheets - they all ended up at the charity shop, many not even opened. They are very thin, feel like they will rip, and were just awful to sleep in. The Target sheets are lovely quality, and feel good: wash and dry so easily, with minimal creasing.

Absolutely agree!! I have spent large amounts of money to ensure good sheets, but have been very disappointed. The best buy sheets have been from Target. Very pleased with their sheets.

Amazon basics are perfect. They’re $20 for a full size