Need recommendation for a lock

Hi all, does anyone use a digital keypad, wireless or bluetooth lock? What is the best technology to be able to change passcodes for each guest. I want them to feel safe.

I know people that really like August or Schlage. I believe August connects with your smartphone and Schlage is a keypad on the door. I think both are easy enough to do.

Great. Thanks, Erin! What I was hoping to avoid was having people lose keys.

I put in a digital keypad door lock and it’s been great! It’s not bluetooth or wireless which can get pricey. If you want to be able to control it with a smartphone then get one of those. I’ve heard they can be possibly be hacked. This one we got serves our purpose and the guests love it. No keys to deal with. You can put in multiple codes and change them when people check out .It’s under $60.

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Great- this is what I wanted to do- simple and adjustable. No key. The high tech ones are enticing but I don’t want to deal with technical issues I don’t have time to solve. Thanks, Mike.

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We use a Schlage Connect keyless deadbolt (with Wink 2 hub)… We find it’s great to use the last 4 digits of the guests booking phone number so it’s easy for them to remember. Codes can be programmed and removed remotely and it’s really great to get a notification of when the guests check in so you have some idea of what’s going on. Our next purchase will be a Ring Doorbell (also works with Wink2) and some Arlo Pro outdoor cameras with solar panels for charging (also works with Wink 2)… That’s for next year’s busy season (God willing, because things have been slow, slow, slow!).

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I use what @cindiksherman uses, a Schlage Connect. I also take the extra step of programming a separate code for each guest (last 4 digits of their phone #) but if you don’t want to do that, you certainly don’t have to. You can use the same code for everyone (4 or 5 digit). And change it if you feel like it. And, when you pair the lock with the Wink2 hub, you can lock/unlock the door remotely should the guest have any issues. I Love it!


I have a Kwikset Smart Code 916 paired with a Samsung Smartthings Hub. To change the code I use a third party app inside Smarthings called Lock Manager. For the most part it has worked pretty well but I did have to do a factory reset of the lock and reprogram all codes once.

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Hi, if anyone is looking for a 2nd hand, but never been used remote lock I am trying to sell one on ebay at the moment. Please search for ‘Wifi door lock, RemoteLock LS-6i WiFi Enabled from Lockstate, Works with Airbnb’ from mardod-50


We use the RemoteLock 5i lever lock for apartments we host. I heard about them on Airbnb Host Assist. The lock looks nice in the building

The software allows us to provide guest codes that expire when the reservation is over. Plus, we can see all the apartments on the dashboard so when know when cleaners or anyone else access the unit. They run off our WiFi in the unit.

Guests love them since they don’t have to worry about keys or download an app.

I have a Weiser keyless entry deadbolt and I love it. The cost varies depending on how many codes you need it to hold, but it runs about $100. It takes me less than a minute to program a code, and less than a minute to delete it. I create the code on the day of arrival, and delete it right after check out. There’s no WIFI or smartphone function, but I’ve never felt I needed it. It runs on four AA batteries.

The guests prefer it too because it’s easy, they don’t have to worry about a key, and it’s secure - no lost, forgotten, stolen, or copied keys.

It’s also been a lifesaver for me personally a couple of times if I’ve been delayed at work for example, or if someone comes in to do a repair or clean. Just give them a code, and they can get in without hassle!

I can add that, when I was a guest, I hated it when I stayed at a place that had the August lock. Installing the app was a nuisance.