Need ideas for a private parking sign

Hello everyone!

I’m probably overthinking this, but what language/wording would you put on a private parking sign on a spot reserved for guests?

I’m seeking, ideally, something visually identifiable and welcoming to guests, but an indicator this is a private spot to discourage neighbors and contractors from parking in my spot.

My private spot is accessed through the alley behind my house. It is on my property, but parallel parking between the alley and my chain-link fence, so a lot of neighbors and contractors park in my spot. I live in a city neighborhood that is becoming denser so parking is becoming more competitive and guests mention private parking as a feature they appreciate. There are two new houses being built in the lot next door, and a backyard cottage directly behind me. I go out and ask people to move if I can find the owner of the car, but it is starting to become a ~twice weekly occurrence after years of being a non-issue! (I’m not at the point of wanting to make enemies by calling the tow truck.)

Also appreciate tips if there are any particular sign styles, solar sign lighting options, etc. that you enjoy.

Simple is probably the best. “Private parking reserved for _______(name of your place or the address)
ALL OTHERS WILL BE TOWED AT VEHICLE OWNER’S EXPENSE” I’d speak with a local tow company that you may already know about and ask if they’d agree to be your go-to tow contact. Then you can also put their contact info on the sign so if anyone gets towed, you don’t need to be contacted and get in the middle. In my prior business, I had a tow company that I used for this reason, they even had premade signs with their phone number on it that I just put up.


Is there any way you can put a chain across it with a lock? In addition to a private parking sign.

One of my favorite signs here in Mexico is one I’ve seen a couple of times on someone’s entrance gate.

“Respete mi entrada y yo respeteré tu coche.”

“Respect my entrance and I’ll respect your car.” :rofl:


I hadn’t thought to get a tow truck company’s premade sign. I’ll look into that today. Thank you for the suggestion!

I would just put a sign that says “Private parking” and another one “tow away area.” So if anyone parks there like a contractor or neighbor you can call and get them towed away.

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Here are a few suggestions for the sign:

  1. “Guest Parking Only”
  2. “Reserved for Invited Guests”
  3. “Parking for House Guests Only”
  4. “Private Parking: Guests Welcome”
  5. “Private Parking for Guests”

A sign with bold font and a standout color could work. Something easy to see from a distance and even in low light would be handy. You might consider solar-powered lighting options to keep it visible at night. You could go for a standard metal or plastic sign, or even something more decorative that matches your property’s vibe. Think about where to place it so it’s easily spotted, like on your chain-link fence or a post nearby.

Adding a friendly note on the sign like “Thanks for Respecting our Space” might help get the point across without ruffling feathers. Clear and polite—usually the best way to go!

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I would just go to amazon and search, you will find a thousand ready-made no parking signs you can purchase and just peruse the results, you will get ideas you never thought of and find some that are just a perfect balance from the obnoxious to the funny to the cleverly stated to the mundane.

Yeah, I checked Amazon first and got overwhelmed by all the options. I find Amazon kind of lacking in quality control so I don’t always have the mental energy to sort through everything.


I use these Parking Signs from Aamzon, ive ordered them twice now and they are very sturdy. You could buy pre-made letters to put on them, but I have a Cricut vinyl cutter I use to put the letters/numbers on the signs. Has worked flawlessly so far.

Can you paint the curb and a roadway to indicate the reserved space?