Need help with a negative review

Of course. It’s on the guest’s page. But unless the guest reviews you, there will be no link to the guest’s page, so prospective guests have no way of knowing it exists.

Are you asking if the guests can see reviews you have left for OTHER guests or the review you have left for them?

If they want to see what you said about other guests they can click on the guest photo in your comment section and scroll through the reviews on that guests page to find your review of them. My guess is most, if not almost all guests will not bother to do this. However I do because it gives me a better idea of who I will be staying with especially if it is an in-home room.

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I think you need to review the basics of Airbnb before proceeding further.

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There is a hidden advantage to a negative review that might work for you too.

Negative reviews tend to appear shortly after the guest leaves. This means that they are often emotional. The 14 day window gives you plenty of time to think through your comments rationally. If you tell the truth, admit if and when you were at fault, and present yourself professionally, other future guests can see through this.

Another advantage is less obvious. Like any other profession, jerks like to take advantage of newbies. If you stand your ground early in the game, jerks are less likely to try things on you in future.

Just my 2 cents…:wink: